The Winner Takes It All

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"I was betrayed by someone who I thought was born to stay loyal to me forever. Forever stretched to eternal life and I was ready to be with her until the end of her mortal life. I don't care how many times this cycle will continue. I wanted nothing more than to have someone stay with me. To not betray me. Want to kill me. My lifetime is destined for endless betrayal... But I still think I am able to change my fate."

The air was cold. In a room where there was no light, no window, or a visible door, there was little chance of hope for escape.

"A man knows the consequences of stealing another man's woman. I believe the unwritten rule of this standard is that consequences have no limits. When there are no limits, humans almost always find a way to punish those who have wronged them. Humans divided themselves into thieves and punishers. So, what kind of man are you, exorcist Chongyun?"

A low hiss surrounded his ears, not to mention his shoulders ached from how tightly his wrists were cuffed behind his back. The slightest movement only made the pain worse, he winced and groaned at the tightness and it didn't help that his own arms seemed to anchor him to the chair.

"To think a mere exorcist managed to harbour away my secretary for so long... If I didn't hate you so much I would almost applaud you. It's not easy to get your hands on her, I can account for that too. She can be impossible sometimes..."

Chongyun kept his head low, no one knew for sure if it was cowardice or resistance.

"That day we first met, she was already trying to slice my face open! It's incredibly easy to disarm someone when they're acting out in a fit of rage. I was so ready to take that knife and stick it right back into her shoulder, but I saw the littlest bit of restraint in her movements. That is what I wanted to weaponize. Restraint during fits of rage... can deem any fight justifiable. If I could control someone like her, I would have my own walking talking war machine."

The taunting voice seemed to have spun around Chongyun, back and forth between his ears, a voice he hadn't heard in a very long time.

"Enough about the past. Due to the circumstances we're in, I would rather take this time to ask you; what were your plans with my secretary? Infiltrate Fatui-ran sites? Coerce her into becoming your spy? Assassinate the other Harbingers...?"

Finally, Chongyun raised his gaze and stared straight ahead. Before him, a giant Fatui flag hung against the wall with other multiple Fatui Insignia crested flags draped on each side. Without a shadow of a doubt, Chongyun felt his mouth go dry and his hands grow numb - he was distressed. The feeling only worsened at the realization of a certain Harbinger standing in the foreground.

"I have no doubts that you and the Traveller were working together. Doesn't it seem unfair that you're the one in handcuffs? If I were you, I would easily trade places with her by cooperating with the man in charge."

The look in Scaramouche's eyes was enough to make Gods tremble. Striking. Shattering. Sorrowful. Even Chongyun looked away from his eyes, it was as if the Harbinger was able to kill from a single glare. He tried to pull at the cuffs again, thinking this time the restraints would loosen at least a bit, but Chongyun stopped himself from wasting his strength.

"Will you cooperate?" Scaramouche asked calmly.

Chongyun was still at a loss for words. He slowly glanced over his shoulder to look at who was behind him, to his misfortune it was the Fatui Agents who arrested him in the first place. Kliment stood against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, Javert was twirling a glowing Sacrificial Knife in his hand, and the silent agent only stood on standby.

He recalled how harshly he was treated, Chongyun remembered how they forcibly took him to the Northland Bank. He remembered the flaming Sacrificial Knives being pointed at him, how bright they burned and how searing the heat was. It was like he was some kind of animal, they threatened to stab him if he didn't do as he was told. Chongyun thought it was strangely familiar yet couldn't figure out why.

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