The Friendly Cicin Mage

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It was so early in the morning that the darkness of the clouds overshadowed the slow-rising sun. Paimon continued to hide under Lumine's scarf to shield themselves from the rain that was pouring from the sky.

There was quite a heavy downpour, yet none of the Traveller's party members seemed to be bothered by it. You guessed, since they all hail from Liyue, they were used to the wacky ecosystem.

Xiangling was skipping happily as if she enjoyed the current drizzly weather. Xingqiu was pulling his coat shut, not really concerned about his clothing but more about protecting his book from the rain. Chongyun was running his hands through his hair and irritably pushing the strands away from his face, narrowing his eyes to focus on the trail ahead.

As much as you tried to keep up with the group, you obviously couldn't stand the constant watery wind blowing your way, almost making you trip over your own feet which would cause you to lag behind even more.

There were raindrops dripping from the tip of your nose and you felt a sneeze starting to build up from the inside of your mouth. It wasn't really a pleasant feeling. You really missed the gentle Snezhnayan snowfall...

If Scaramouche were here, he would be complaining more than you were right now.

"There you are."

You turned around quickly when you heard a random voice from behind you. To your confusion, there was no one there. That was a little eerie you thought to yourself. To be honest, you never really know what kind of monsters you could run into during their hellish weather.

Regardless, the journey continued. It was a little difficult to see where you were going, not only was your vision blurry but you also had no clue where you were.

It wasn't an over-exaggeration to say that you were literally walking around blind, your sights on Lumine's back were growing farther and farther. Even though you were specifically told not to stray too far from the party, you couldn't help but fail to keep up.

"Over here."

This time, you were sure you heard a human voice. The heavy rain made it difficult to make out who was in the area, other than you and the party members. It was mildly infuriating not seeing who was the person making those sounds.

Unless you were starting to go insane? At last? Though, you really didn't want to call out to the group and tell them you were starting to hear voices. Who knows how they'll react? It's been really difficult adjusting to this new team and you were sure that you already stuck out like a sore thumb as is.

Or maybe, just maybe... Ghosts really do exist?

"Let me amuse myself a little."

There was something that was caught from the corner of your eye and the next thing you knew, you saw a hot flash of purple. You knew that you and the Traveller's teammates were in terrible danger and you acted on your gut feeling.

You unholstered both spray guns and fired one shot before you suddenly tensed up, collapsing helplessly to the ground with a heavy thud. The loud bang of the gun startled and grabbed the attention of everyone in the party as they quickly turned their heads to look at you.

"Fatui girl!" Chongyun ran over.

"No, stay away...!" You warned weakly.

"What happened-?!" Before the Cryo user could finish his question, he also froze up and fell to the ground in front of you, groaning painfully.

It seemed like your warning failed to reach everyone's ears, when you looked up from the ground, you saw that Lumine, Xiangling, and Xingqiu fell to their knees as well.

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