The Potential Friendship

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"I suggest we stop and rest, we're far enough from our original camping grounds and it seems like there are no enemies around us." When Lumine announced those instructions, everyone relaxed and stopped for the night.

All of you had to pause the travelling because Paimon would pop out of the blue every now and then to complain about how hungry she was getting. Surely enough, after feeding her whatever was in Xiangling's backpack, there was no food for the rest of the party.

It was only a minor setback, you were used to walking long walks and not eating for a while, you supposed that was a part of your Fatui training. Anyway, you've always liked to take a break whenever you were presented with the opportunity. Scaramouche rarely gave you any time for yourself except at night...

While Lumine and the trio of best friends unloaded their own small tents from their inventories, you stood there awkwardly rocking on the balls of your feet. Normally, a large Fatui tent would be waiting for you to get in, however, that wasn't the case. You didn't really want to walk into another Fatui campsite with this bounty over your head.

So, your only option was to sleep outside, exposed. You weren't comfortable, nor did you think it was in your place, to ask Lumine or Xiangling if they could make some space for you. All the more, you obviously didn't want to ask any of the boys if you could sleep with them. One of them absolutely loathes you.

It wasn't so bad of an area, in your opinion. At least there wasn't any snow or risk of frostbite. (You remember that Childe would make jokes to foreigners visiting Snezhnaya. He would say something like "When travelling in our nation, if we don't keep moving, we could freeze to death. Literally~!" to which they would only respond with uneasy expressions.)

A few metres away, there was a tree with smooth, almost soft-looking bark, surrounded by a nice blanket of long, pressed grass. You felt like it would be comfortable enough to sleep on. Additionally, it looked to be pretty secure and private. You were confident no one, even an enemy, would spot you from afar.

"Xiangling... Can you make me more popsicles...?"

Your ears perked up at the sound of a fatigued voice.

"I'm sorry, Chongyun, I'm out of those ingredients!" Xiangling sighed, struggling to get her tent to stand upright. "But I can go search for them!"

"I will join too," Xingqiu offered, standing proudly next to his finished tent. "We would not want a repeat of what happened in the Wanmin Restaurant, nor at the Wangshu Inn."

The icy-haired male nodded weakly, "Good... Because I don't think I can hold on for much longer..."

"We will work as quickly as possible," Xingqiu reassured him.

"Hang in there, Chongyun! We'll get those popsicles ready for you in no time!"

"Thank you..." The exorcist looked like he was turning greener by the second, "I... I'm gonna go... clear my head a little..."

Before anyone got a word in, Chongyun quickly took off, leaving everyone with a sense of worry for what was going to happen to him. You, surprisingly, felt pity for him and honestly, you wanted to know if you could help him out in some way.

As you continued to twirl your fingers together, the other Liyuen boy noticed you standing idly. You failed to notice that he was making his way towards you and in turn, you tried to look as approachable as possible.

"[Y/N]," Xingqiu walked up with a kind grin. "Xiangling and I will be gone for a bit to collect some ingredients for Chongyun's popsicles. She will be over there collecting Mist Flowers. Whereas, I will be climbing up that rocky mountain to retrieve some Qingxins."

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