The Confession

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"[Y/N]... The rain stopped... at last..." Scaramouche murmured, still in between consciousness and sleep. "The weather here... is awful... hm?"

The Harbinger caressed the pillow lovingly a few times before waking himself up. He glanced down at what his arm was around and realized that he wasn't cuddling the person he had in mind. Tossing the cushion elsewhere, he turned his head to scan around the tent.

There an upset expression on his face until his gaze landed on you standing by the campfire as you finished cooking a dish. You looked at the young man too, relieved to see that he finally woke up from his slumber.

"Good morning, my Lord."

"Oh... There you are..." He spoke groggily in his raw morning voice, sighing tiredly. "I thought you ran off somewhere... without my knowledge..."

Disregarding what he said, you displayed a dish, "I cooked a Teyvat Fried Egg. A quick breakfast for you."

"Is that so...? Hm..." He slumped back into his pillow, not forgetting to say a snarky comment. "I didn't know you were so domesticated... Cooking me food, you're acting as if you're my wife... It's a common practice among married couples in Inazuma..."

"Well, uh... Breakfast is a common practice all over Teyvat, sir..." You joked but got no laugh from him, a slight frown pulled down at your lips.

Scaramouche scoffed, "You are the poster girl for the phrase ignorance is bliss."

Averting your gaze away from the Harbinger, you decided not to say anything more and give him the food. Carefully, you walked into the tent and made your way towards Scaramouche. This was kind of a first for you, cooking a man his breakfast and then serving it to him.

As you reached the futon, you got down on your knees in front of him and presented the food (As well as fumbling with the chopsticks in the other hand).

The young man sat up, the left side of his hair had a few locks tussled upwards. He stretched his back, groaning quite deeply before yawning. Then, he relaxed and looked at you with half-lidded eyes.

"I can get used to this," He took the plate and chopsticks happily, his gaze falling to the food then right back at you.

"One Teyvat Fried Egg, sir." You leaned back. "Enjoy."

"Did you eat?" He asked.

"Yes, my Lord, I did."

The Harbinger reached out to you with a hand to pat you on the head, but something made you draw back. Scaramouche's eyes widened a bit from your sudden behaviour and you too were shocked by what you did. You've never refused a head pat, never. What Lumine told you was still echoing in your thoughts, eating you alive.

He looked deeply at you and in turn, you stared right back at him with the same attitude. It was like both of you were trying to communicate with each other with telekinesis, which wasn't the case, by the way. You didn't like it when he glared at you like that, it was starting to make you feel subjugated.

"What." You said boldly.

"Wow, so cold." Scaramouche goaded, rolling his eyes. "I was only trying to say thanks."

Hearing Scaramouche say thanks was a little out of character for him, but then again, showing such a spiteful attitude and avoiding his actions of praise was also not like you. But, maybe you were overreacting a little, after all, you weren't supposed to know about the secrets the Harbingers are keeping.

There was an awkward silence as he ate, you waited for him to finish his food and give you the first order of the day. You were sitting on your knees patiently, watching the young man elegantly work the chopsticks on the food and lift the cut-up egg into his mouth. You studied the way he chewed and swallowed, Scaramouche only gave you the side-eye.

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