The Cure To End All Suffering

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Things were getting a little wild at the Fatui campsite.

A certain Harbinger was growing more impatient by the second, pacing around the tent, his hands fidgeting over the other. Anxiety washed over him like the constant downpour of rain slowly flooding the nation of Liyue.

If the members residing within the campsite were to describe the feeling in the area, certainly they would say that there was a heavy amount of angst hanging in the air. It was almost suffocating, unbearable.

The tent's curtain was pulled to the side and a trembling soldier slowly made their way to Scaramouche who was still pacing around. Once the young man saw there was news, he immediately dropped everything that was plaguing his thoughts and eagerly stood still to listen.

"That was quick. I'm expecting you've brought her back. Where is she?"

"Well, my Lord, you see..."

The messenger whispered something to Scaramouche which deeply upset him, resulting in the Harbinger throwing a shift punch to the recruit's gut and watching them collapse from the pain. Staring down with disgust and disappointment, he ordered the soldier to leave before he decided to throw another punch.

Crawling away, the recruit exited the tent and vowed to never become the messenger ever again. Scaramouche was now left with the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach and for a little bit of reassurance, he turned towards the other male in the shelter with him.

Through the corner of his blue eye, Childe watched that little interaction silently. Again, he chose not to speak against Scaramouche since he really did not have the time to deal with something as petty as this.

A fist was slammed onto the table as a way to grab the Snezhnayan's attention, which happened to work. Scaramouche's hands clenched and unclenched angrily, itching to find more things to hit and destroy. Childe simply raised an eyebrow to silently question why he was troubled.

"She killed the Cicin Mage!" Scaramouche exclaimed loudly, clutching onto his hat before unwinding in psychotic laughter. "Did you hear that Childe?! [Y/N] is amazing! She can murder one of her comrades in cold blood but fail to shoot the actual enemy?! Doesn't that sound awesome?!"

The young man shrugged his shoulders, continuing to sort out his equipment, "Well, you did want to provoke her and stir up a reaction-"

"Yes, but I expected her to come back!" Scaramouche shouted at the top of his lungs. "She was supposed to come back because I know she gets competitive over dumb things like that! Only I know how upset she gets when she thinks she's getting replaced! That Cicin Mage was meant to manipulate [Y/N] into crawling back to me but that moron failed miserably!"

"I know you're angry," Childe muttered as he packed some items into his inventory. "But I think we should continue with the Gnosis mission without secretary [Y/N]."

Scaramouche couldn't believe what he was hearing. Continue the mission without his secretary? That was something he couldn't imagine. After all, he was accompanied all the time. Even though before he would go on other missions alone, it just wasn't the same as having a partner. Having an assistant is fun, entertaining... It makes a man feel less lonely.

Childe glanced at the other Harbinger, "Maybe we should pursue Rex Lapis' Gnosis before it's too late."

"We can't stop now!" Scaramouche scoffed bitterly. "We were so close to killing those people she was with! If that idiotic Cicin Mage moved a little faster, we would have captured [Y/N] by now! I'm sure if we send another, we can finally get the job done!"

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