The Nightmares That Haunt Scaramouche

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The nights are lonely.

The sky was covered with thick clouds, no star dared to show itself to give out some light. But the darkness was almost relaxing. Even a tough Harbinger like Scaramouche couldn't even keep his eyes open as he traversed Liyue's hostile environment. All the more, travelling alone was as dangerous as going to Snezhnaya without a proper heat source.

He couldn't go on any longer, he had to stop for the night. Perhaps a short twenty-minute nap was bound to refresh him to continue walking. But since he didn't bring any equipment for a proper sleeping setup, he had to improvise. After walking around, he finally found a suitable place for a quick rest.

So, Scaramouche sat against a tree and took off his large hat in order to lean on the wooden trunk. It looked fairly hidden and he felt blended into the wilderness. He was confident enough that any passerby would ignore this area and move on. The young man placed the headwear on the grass beside him and let out a tired yawn.

The area from before seemed to have recently been used as a campsite. Maybe about three to four travellers stopped by? It was clear that the campfire was used to cook some kind of food concoction and there were still sharp holes in the ground from tents. Was it possible that you were at that very campsite? If that's the case, this was another breakthrough for Scaramouche. But there was a slim chance that it was another disappointing failure.

After taking in his surroundings one last time, Scaramouche finally let his body relax. He expected only a quick nap, but since this was his body's only chance to rest, he fell into a deep sleep.

That wasn't what he wanted. He didn't mean to fully drift away. But it was too late to back out now, his mind was already shutting down and his body was being locked in place. Though he felt conscious enough to realize what was happening, he was too weak to even lift a finger.

"You seem tired..." A girl's voice was heard out of nowhere.

"I'm exhausted..." Scaramouche replied, slowly opening his eyes.

A young lady looking awfully like his darling secretary-assistant sat down next to him on the grass, staring straight ahead. From the corner of his eye, Scaramouche noticed her hair, scarf, and icy-blue uniform. There was a frosty essence radiating from her body, although she appeared to have left her ice tank elsewhere, Scaramouche can feel one of the spray guns against his leg.

The Harbinger had a dreamy look written all over his expression when you faced him, at the same time you grew shy and glanced away. Feeling as light as air, you adjusted your posture and moved closer to the young man, shifting over to his side.

"Liyue sucks," You muttered under your breath and brought your knees against your chest to slouch a little. "It's hot when it rains and the air gets dry in the middle of the day. I hate this nation and its people. Let's go back to Snezhnaya."

When Scaramouche looked closer, he suddenly became furious, almost half shocked seeing you just sitting next to him so casually, "I can't believe you, [Y/N]. How can you show yourself after you ruined everything? When I get my hands on you, I'm going to-"

"Kill me?" You finished and finally turned to him, facing the Harbinger completely. "Sir, if I die, you die too. What you're implying completely contradicts this bond we have. The moment my life gets snuffed out, you're either going to suffer a natural death or kill yourself."

"That is not true."

"It's really simple, my Lord. I could already imagine all the terrible things you will do to your body after realizing you killed me. Perhaps you will steal a Fatui Agent's Sacrificial knife and mutilate your stomach to get rid of that twisting discomfort of guilt building up in your gut. A slow and horrible death is coming for you, sir. If that's something too bloody and too messy, you will probably make the Cryo Cicins crawl inside your ears and freeze your brain from the inside. Your skull will shatter and leave your eyes like hard crystals. That would be beautiful."

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