The Hand That Feeds Gets Bitten

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"I've made people dig their own graves." You spoke softly to the moon that shined behind Celestia. "Back then... When I still had power."

Digging up snow with your bare hands has got to be one of the most painful things a person could do. Imagine the pain. After all the snow had been dug, cold hard dirt was next. Imagine the damage, you can feel it under your fingernails.

"I made a mother stand back while her son laid down in his shallow grave. It was hard to restrain her but the soldiers knocked her around a little. That made her shut up. She was still denying her unpaid debts. Who was she trying to save?"

You wondered if you would be forgiven for the war crimes you've committed. It was astonishing how much you've changed. You might have gotten weaker.

"Her son was four years old. I told him to dig a hole in the ground as part of a silly game. Once he was staring up from the ground... I threw dirt on him. I made a small pile on his chest. He had to lift his chin to breathe. Almost immediately, the mother let out a shrill scream and broke down. She collapsed and admitted that she was unable to pay her debts. We imprisoned her. The boy was taken by his extended family."

Your knuckles rolled over the windowsill and you extended your open palm towards the moonlight.

"I almost buried a kid alive."

The moon was disgusted by you.

"But surprisingly, my Lord stopped me. He was... touched by how the mother didn't throw her child away. I've seen it happen countless times. I didn't know why Lord Scaramouche was so affected by it. If he wasn't there, who knows what could have happened..."

Being alone has got you thinking about your role in this whole situation. At first, you thought yourself to be another person in the crowd - a potentially attractive character who was pursued by men who would come and go. You thought you were desired. Now instead, you were being hunted.

You just wanted, naturally, to be a follower.

Instead, you cowered at every shadow that loomed in front and behind you, at the corner of the room, and the shadows you saw when you closed your eyes. You had to lead yourself through this nightmare. You've always hated being alone.

Were you the one seeking revenge? Or is it the other way around? Was someone else seeking revenge against you? You could write a list, front and back, of how many enemies you have made in your lifetime. This discomfort continued to linger. The lunatic laugh of a Harbinger was ringing in the air. It was a sound that used to bring you comfort, now it's a spiralling disarray of noise.

Remembering all that has happened, you were angry. Insanely angry - to the point you were stirring in a fiery state of calmness. You wanted to strangle the Traveller.

The desire to abandon your weapons and fight with your bare hands was almost uncharacteristic of your usual self. It was like your body moved on its own. If you closed your eyes, you could imagine it. The Traveller was in front of you. There was fear in her eyes. You were squeezing the juice out of a poor fruit, digging your thumbs in deeper and sinking inside to spill more nectar on your hands. The Traveller was in front of you. Choking.

The Traveller was in front of you.

In the darkness of the room, movement from the blonde girl came in like disturbing cracks in a frozen-over lake.

The Traveller was in front of you.

"Get back!" You shouted, holding one arm up and having your spray gun pointed at the girl. She froze in place and stared at you for a few seconds before leaving her sword in its sheath. "Get back and show me your hands!"

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