The Nightmares About Him

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"Sir... you're hurting me... I've already said... I'm sorry..."

It's only been one day and your first night without Scaramouche (being at least in a ten-foot radius of you), brought home terrible nightmares.

It seemed a little childish for you to be murmuring in your sleep as you fought back an imaginary Scaramouche who was backing you into a corner, ready to punish you for betraying him. Never in your life have you felt terrified of your superior, well at least, this terrified.

You felt like you couldn't move or run or even get onto your knees and beg for forgiveness. You were just sitting on your bottom, weaponless, defenceless, and vulnerable. It was like you were frozen with fear, unable to do anything. Your body was tense and sore like you were being constrained in some kind of invisible cage.

You could see him standing above you, hands curled into tight fists as he continued to torment you, threatening to land an unsuspecting hit anywhere on your body. Scaramouche was angry, he was sending you a sadistic glare as if he was staring down at something delicious. He looked like a hungry predator holding back on ravishing its prey.

"Again. Say you're sorry."

You felt tears build up in your eyes, "I'm sorry, my Lord... I'm begging for your forgiveness... for your mercy... I'm sorry..."

Scaramouche reached down and pulled your wrist up to him, purposefully straining your body as he stretched your left arm, "Why did you betray me, you traitor."

A helpless whimper left your mouth as you winced in pain at the same time. You knew there was no chance at escaping, the darkness surrounding the two of you was almost enough to drown you above land. It was indescribable. Like you were cut from the outside world, unable to call for help.

All you wanted to do was go home, back to your family. You wanted to quit the Fatui, resign, and hang up your spray guns and glass tank. You were okay with being labelled as some kind of burden, an example of the top soldier who ended up losing their sanity and departing from the military.

You had the courage to admit it: you hated being bossed around. You hated being told what to do. You might have even hated working under the sixth Harbinger. Lord Scaramouche was the worst man you have ever met in your life. A part of you regretted ever enlisting as a Cryogunner. Maybe it would have been better if you were never born.

Scaramouche elegantly weaved his fingers through yours as if he was inspecting them with mild interest. Each digit was looked at, studied, even caressed. He admired the sight of your trembling hand so much that the young man leaned down and brushed his lips against your knuckles.

"Answer me." His voice reverberated along your skin. "Why did you do it?"

You felt the acidic heaviness of the tone of his voice and started to shake where you were seated, "I don't know...! I'm sorry, please forgive me!"

"Answer the damn question, you stupid girl. Or else I will break every single part of your body if you don't start moving that mouth of yours. Why did you betray me?"

"Be merciful, sir! I'm begging you...!"

"Why did you leave me? Why did you abandon me on that mountain? Hm?" Scaramouche's grip became tighter as he suddenly raised his voice, yelling right at your ghostly face. "Why did you run away even though you know that you're mine?!"

He pushed you onto your back and climbed on top of you, pinning your body to the ground to show you who was truly in charge. As much as you tried to fight back, he quickly overpowered you and his hands found a secure grip around your neck.

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