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A lungful sigh escapes my lips as I roam my eyes all over the place. A huge luxurious place full of different people, different faces. Some of them are familiar to me and some of them are not.

I don't really like this! In fact I hate these kinds of occasions but I can't do anything about it. This is part of my life. Being born with a golden spoon in my mouth—socializing with different people is also my responsibility.

My dad immediately threw this big party to announce my newly higher position. He didn't even bother telling me about this, like how he didn't even bother telling me that he was planning to give me this unwanted position. It's not like I'm being ungrateful here but I was just really overwhelmed with all of the sudden big responsibilities I'm not prepared for.

I looked at the woman who's standing beside me and busy talking with a middle aged man. She said he is their family business partner. I slowly sneaked my arms around her waist so I could get her attention. She glanced at me briefly and mouthed 'wait'.

I sighed and took a sip on my champagne. My eyes accidentally landed on Jasmine. Nasa kabilang table lang sila and to my surprise she was staring at me and immediately looked away when she saw me looking at her. She's with the other doctor and I think she came with Dr. Lim.

They are really getting along, huh?

"I'm sorry, I didn't expect him to discuss some stuff here with me. Are you okay?" My mind drifted back when I heard Allison's voice.

Her concerned eyes greet me when I look at her. I took a sip of my champagne once again.

"I want to leave." I said.

She held my hand na hanggang ngayon ay nakakapit pa rin sa bewang niya, bahagya niya itong pinisil at saka ako binigyan ng magaang ngiti.

"We will but let's stay for a little while. Just give this night to your dad, okay?" She sounded like a mother and on the other hand I nodded like a kid.

After my bloody speech in front of everyone in the middle of the stage. I immediately got down from there. Pilit hinahanap ng mata ko si Allison kaso nga lang andami namang humarang sa akin para icongratulate ako kaya nahihirapan akong makita siya. Nawala kasi siya sa pwesto namin kanina.

"Congratulations, Scarlett. Your dad must be proud of you." Natigilan ako sa sinabi ng kausap ko at tanging tipid na ngiti na lamang ang naisagot ko.

Your dad must be proud of you.

Well, I hope so. But I think he doesn't? I don't know. I'm tired of wishing for it.

"Honey!" I sighed in relief when I finally saw her. I walked to where she was and to my surprise she's with Jasmine. "Your speech was amazing as always. Proud of you, hon." She kissed my cheek, I smiled.

"Congrats, Scarlett." My eyes automatically landed on her.

Her beauty never fails to amaze me. How can she stand there, do nothing but still be pretty. She effortlessly slayed this night. Her face was almost bare but damn she still stands out among everyone.

Before I forget everything and lose my mind. I take my eyes off her.

"Thank you." I move closer to Allison. "I want to go." I said almost a whisper and gladly, she nodded.

"Uh, Jas, maybe we could catch up some other time. We gotta go and Dr. Lim might be looking for you." Before I can take one last glance at Jasmine, Allison starts pulling me out of this place.

Out of all places I've ever been—all those luxurious, elegant places I would still choose this empty peaceful street.

Here I am walking and strolling this empty street with Allison. Holding each other's hands while our heels are on our free hands.

"You really like this, huh?" I looked at her and smiled. "Midnight almost dawn, empty street, cold breeze, street lights, and us walking barefoot." She pointed out everything that is currently happening to us.

"Amazing, isn't it?" We both chuckled. "This is better than that place. That's hella sucks! The only thing you can see is people everywhere you look. Just to be honest, it's suffocating me."

"Yeah, I know, Miss introverted." She playfully rolled her eyes.

"Thank you, though." We just kept walking at a slow pace.

"Thank you for what, missy?" I just really love this side of her. The playful one.

"Thank you for being with me at this moment. You know, you don't have to leave there with me. I know you also have lots of business there but you still choose to be with me. Do nothing but walk in the middle of nowhere." Her smile grew wider. Naramdaman ko ang bahagyang pagpisil nito sa kamay ko.

"I don't care about my business there. My priority is you and besides my parents were there, they can handle it." She really loves prioritizing me which I badly love too but sometimes I feel guilty, though.

A couple of moments of comfortable silence had passed and all we did was walk. This shit is amazing kaya!

"Does your feet already hurt? Do you want me to piggyback you?" I asked her, concerned about her feet because we're walking barefoot. She looked at me, looked so surprised at what I just said.

"Kaya mo?" The shock was really evident in her eyes.

"Yeah." I also nod my head to convince her.

"In your evening dress?" She starts eyeing me up and down.

I grin. "Don't underestimate me, Miss Allison Shal Cruz."

"Oh, okay. Let's try."

She's still hesitating but she stop walking so I bend down in front of her para maabot niya ang likod ko. Naramdaman ko ang dahan dahang pagsampa niya sa likod ko at pagkapit sa leeg ko. Nang feeling ko ay okay na siya ay dahan-dahan akong tumayo. Medjo mahirap nga siya than usual kasi nakadress kami pareho pero kinaya naman. Kinuha ko yung heels na hawak niya at ako na din ang humawak nun para hindi siya mahirapan.

"You feel better?" I ask and start walking again.

"Yes, thank you." I just hummed.

I looked up the sky, walang stars and wala ding moon maulap lang pero mukhang hindi naman uulan.

"Scarlett," Banayad lang ang boses nito. I just hummed again and waited for her to speak up. "You seem not happy…"

My forehead creases. "Happy about what?"

"About your new position? Why is that?" I got caught off guard.

I slowly breathed out. "I'm not ready… absolutely not ready for these big responsibilities. I have lots of problems to face. I have a lot in my head and literally I'm not ready physically and mentally for this."

A long silence had passed after I spoke. Bahagya ko itong nilingon, she looks like she's in depth thinking.

"You're always not ready. When will you be ready, Scarlett? I mean, bakit hindi lagi?"

I know it. And I can state a thousand of reasons kung bakit laging hindi.

"I don't like everything that happened. I don't want any of it… I never ask for this. I don't want my position and everything—"

"Yeah, even getting married to me you don't want it." Mabilis akong natigilan ng marinig ang sinabi. Napatigil din ako sa paglalakad.

"Allison, I—"

"I know it, Scarlett. You don't have to lie to me and I am halfway through accepting it."

And that was a painful one.

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