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A L L I S O N    S H A L    C R U Z

They say one of the greatest feelings in this world was falling in love… and I agree. Falling in love is an euphoric feeling, it's indescribable. It feels like a rolling coaster ride. A mixed emotion like stars exploding in your veins. It's a magical feeling that can also tear you apart.

When I was a kid, I tended to always say that I would never get married.. Growing up in a family where you always witness how your parents fight and shout to each other made me lose my faith in love. My parents never loved each other, they only got married because they accidentally had me but even though that's their case they never failed to make me feel love.

They both love me in different ways, I grow up full of love and care coming from them. They give everything I need and want. They never failed to become my parents.. but for me it's still lacking… Witnessing my mom seeing another man who's not my father and seeing my dad bringing home different girls every night made me feel that I am just really the mistake they made.

They never failed to become my parents but they failed to make a home full of love, happiness and a beautiful family for me. They only stayed in their marriage because it benefits the both of them and if it's not I swear! I will literally grow up watching them leave me. I grew up not believing in love. I always thought that there's no love, I almost believe that couples just marry each other because they need each other and they never really want each other.

That's why I found it funny when I saw myself in a situation I don't believe in… Falling in love… Scarlett becomes my only exception, to the point that if she's not, then I don't want to.

The first time I saw her.. the first time my eyes laid on her. I got curious. Literally curious about her. She's different, lots different from others. She has this thing that when she enters the room all of the eyes in that room will watch her— will focus on her. She has the power of getting your attention without trying.

She never shows emotion. Her face never showed emotions like a facade that can't be unmasked. A woman of ethereal allure and enigmatic charm— a cold beauty that captures the imagination and leaves hearts in an icy trance. Her presence is an exquisite blend of grace and mystery, radiating an aura that evokes both admiration and trepidation.

Her porcelain complexion, as delicate as freshly fallen snow, whispers tales of enchantment. Her piercing gaze, darkest orbs and sharp as icicles, holds secrets untold, beckoning the curious to venture deeper into her icy domain. Each movement is a ballet on frozen waters, evoking a sense of fluidity and precision that captivates all who witness it.

Her voice, like the delicate rustle of winter winds, carries a chill that sends shivers down the spine, yet resonates with a haunting allure. Her words, carefully chosen and laced with icy wisdom, possess the power to freeze time itself. She is the embodiment of poise and self-possession, as if she were carved from the purest ice and sculpted by the hands of a divine artist.

But beneath her icy veneer lies a woman of unfathomable depth and strength. Like the hidden undercurrents beneath a frozen lake, she conceals a passionate soul that burns with intensity. She navigates the world with a guarded heart, her vulnerability locked away in a fortress of ice. Only those courageous enough to venture into the depths of her wintry fortress may catch a glimpse of the warmth that lies within, a flame yearning to be kindled.

She is a muse, an enigma, and a masterpiece all at once— a living embodiment of the juxtaposition between frigid beauty and fierce independence. A cold, beautiful woman whose allure is as breathtaking as a snow-capped mountain peak at dawn, leaving all who encounter her forever touched by the allure of her icy enchantment.

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