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Class 1-A

I open the door of Class 1-A, and the first thing I see is Bakugou is arguing with a glasses guy and Deku is trying to calm them down.

The glasses guy spotted me and rush at me.

Glasses Guy: Hello, I'm Tenya Iida from Soumei Junior High School.

Me:*wave* Konbu.

Iida: Huh?

Deku: Oh, it means "Hi." And his name is (Y/N) Nakamura. Because of his quirk, he can't say anything other than onigiri's ingredient. If he say anything other than onigiri's ingredient, the thing that he says will be reality.

Iida: I see... It must be very hard for you. Well, how can I understand what you says?

I point at Deku. He look back at Deku.

Deku: I can give you a dictionary for (Y/N)'s language if you want.

Iida: Oh, thank you very much.

???: If you're gonna be hunting for buddies do it elsewhere.

We look behind me only to see a big caterpillar is lying on the ground.

Caterpillar: This is the department of heroics.

I walk away from the door and make my way to a backmost seat beside a window. The caterpillar enter the class by jumping.

Caterpillar: Hmm, it took you lot 8 seconds to quite down. Life is short, kids. You're all lacking in common sense.

A man come out from the caterpillar's costume.

Caterpillar Man: I'm your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta, pleasure meeting you

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Caterpillar Man: I'm your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta, pleasure meeting you.

He take out a shirt and show it at us.

Aizawa: Wear these. Immediately. And then shove off to the P. E. grounds.

P. E. Grounds

All except me: A quirk apprehension test!?

Uraraka: What about the ceremony!? And the guidance counselor meeting!?

Aizawa: If you want to be heroes, we don't have time for all of that. You all understand the school's reputation for freedom on campus. Well, that "freedom" goes for us senseis, too.

All of us just look at him with confuse face. Aizawa start to talk about some physical tests that we were barred from using our quirks. He then look at me.

Aizawa: (Y/N), right?

Me: Shake.

Aizawa: Uhhhhh.... Translator, please.

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