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Present Mic: Now, the match that everyone is waiting for...

Me and Todoroki enter the arena.

Present Mic: Shoto Todoroki vs (Y/N) Nakamura!!

The audiences start to cheer for us.

Midnight: You guys know the rules! Send your opponent out from the fighting area or make them surrender!

Todoroki: Got it.

Me: Shake.

Midnight raise her hand.

Midnight: START!!

Todoroki instantly make ice barrier around the arena.

Present Mic: What's this!? Todoroki's ice is blocking the way out! Now there is no way both of them will lose by ring out!

Me*thought*: Just like what we planned.

I start to rush at Todoroki. He send a giant ice at me. I quickly unzip my mask.

Me: Stop.

The ice stop before it can hit me. I jump on the ice and make my way towards Todoroki.

I land in front of him. He try to punch me but I duck down and kick his head sending him to the ice wall that he made.

Me*thought*: Not yet.

Suddenly wave of flame hit me and send me to the ice wall behind me. I look at Todoroki and see there is flame on his left arm.

He launch another wave of flame at me.

Me: Cool.

The flame hit me but I didn't feel hot at all. I start to rush at Todoroki again.

Present Mic: What has happened to (Y/N)!? Is he lose already?!

I jump out from the fire and punch Todoroki's face. He got sent not too far away from me.

Me*thought*: This is the right time.

I wink at Todoroki. He smirk and nod at me.

Aizawa POV

I saw that Todoroki nod at (Y/N) just now.

Me*thought*: They are doing it now.

I stand up and start to walk to the room door.

Present Mic: Hey! Where are you going?

Me: Toilet.

Endeavor POV

Me: Hey, Asahi.

Asahi: What?

He asked while looking at (Y/N) and Todoroki who are launching attacks at each other.

Me: Your children never know about we are siblings, right?

Asahi: I never tell them about it, so maybe they never know about it.

Me: What if they found it out?

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