Dorm II

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That Night
Class 1-A Dorm
On our way to the living room

Me: Tuna mayo.

Todoroki: You're welcome.

I had a hard time setting up my room with just an arm, so I asked for Todoroki's help since our rooms are close to each other.

When we entered the living room, we saw that all the boy were there.

Deku: Oh, (Y/N), Todoroki!

Me&Todoroki: Konbu/Hey.

Kirishima:*looks at Todoroki* You were helping (Y/N) with his room?

Todoroki: Yeah.

He answered as we walked closer to them.

Kaminari:*looks at me* It must be hard for you.

Me: Shake...

The girls then showed up.

Mina: Are your rooms all set up, boys~?

Kaminari: Yep! Now we're just relaxing!

Hu Tao: You know, we were all talking, and we've got a suggestion!

Mina: Let's have a room showcasing competition! How about it!?


Little Timeskip
Deku's Room

Kaminari: Oh man, what have we gotten ourselves into

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Kaminari: Oh man, what have we gotten ourselves into...?

Sero: But I'll admit, this is kinda fun...

Todoroki:*looks at me* Will you be fine?

Me:*nervous smiles* Sha... Okaka.

I then started writing something on my phone and showed it to Todoroki.

Todoroki: This sounds fair enough. Hey guys.

Everyone looked at him.

Todoroki: (Y/N) said that since this is a competition, it's unfair to have only boys show their rooms. To make it fair, the girls also need to show their rooms too.

Kirishima: Oh, that makes sense!

Mina: Okay, why not?

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