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Ruins Zone

Kirishima: You guys really beat all of them without you guys realize it...

Bakugou: I can beat them faster if this onigiri bastard didn't fought me earlier!

Me: Okaka.

I take out my cough syrup and drink it.

Kirishima: We've gotta go save the others! Since we got warped here, that must mean the others are also still inside USJ! I'm worried for the people without many battle moves!

Suddenly I hear like something crawling on the wall behind Bakugou.

Me: Sujiko.

Bakugou look at the wall behind him.

Bakugou: You fucker! I'll kill you!

He launch himself at the wall. He then explode the wall revealing a villain who use his quirk to become invisible. Bakugou catch the villain head and make an explosion on his palm.

Bakugou: I don't know what you two planning to do after this, but I'm gonna go kill that warp gate motherfucker! I'll pin him down so he can't escape!

Kirishima: There's no way there isn't some way to counter him...!

Me: Tuna mayo.

They look at me. I point at my neck.

Bakugou: What does that even mean, onigiri bastard!!!?

Kirishima start to think of something. He then snap his finger.

Kirishima: Did you mean that warp gate's weak point is at his neck?

Me: Shake.

Bakugou: Now we already found that warp bastard's weakness, I'll go kill him now!! Seeya later.

Kirishima: Wait up! I believe in my buddies...! And you're starting to sound real manly, Bakugou! I'm with you now! How about you, (Y/N)?

Me:*zip my mask* Shake.

Little Timeskip
All Might POV

Me: Carolina Smash!

I attack the sharp teeth creature but it didn't leave even a scratch on its body. The creature try to grab me but I duck down and grab his body.

I pull the creature into a suplex but the creature's body passes through the ground and grabs me from behind.

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