Utter Defeat

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The Same Night
In the forest

Me*thought*: Damn you, Deku. I just want my revenge.

I thought while bringing Yaoyorozu who was injured on my back. Awase from Class B was following me.

I met with Deku, Todoroki, and Shoji earlier. And after seeing my injury, Deku ordered me to retreat to the facility.

I refused of course, but Uraraka made me float and Asui threw me.

Awase: Nakamura, just let me bring Yaoyorozu!

Me: Okaka.

Me*thought*: Just let me be useful, dammit.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the facility.

Awase: Vlad-sensei should be in the class-like room. Follow me.

Me:*nods* Shake.

I followed him from behind.

We then entered the room that Awase mentioned.

Vlad: Awase-kun! Nakamura-kun!

Iida: (Y/N)! Yaoyorozu!

I slowly put Yaoyorozu down.

I was about to get out but Vlad stopped me.

Vlad: Sorry, but Eraser asked me to stop you from going back into the forest if you come here. And with that injury, I don't think you'll be able to come back here again alive.

I sighed in defeat and punched the wall beside me, leaving a big crack on it.

Me*thought*: Dammit!

I hate you! I hate you! Why you're so weak?! Be useful to someone at least once, (Y/N)!! Goddamnit!! Die die die die die!! Just die already!!!

The Next Day
Meeting Room
All Might POV

Utter defeat.

According to Blood King's reporting of the events, the ambulances and firetrucks arrived 15 minutes after the villains left.

Of the 41 students, 15 had lost consciousness and were in a critical state due to the gas. 12 had injuries, from minor to severe. 13 were uninjured. One had gone missing. And one of the injured students had been arrested for interrogation.

Of the six professional heroes, one suffered a head injury and was in critical condition. And one that had left a heavy trail of blood had gone missing.

On the other hand, on the villains' side, three were immediately apprehended and arrested. The other villains, who left them behind, vanished without a trace.

And so the forest training camp we had been looking forward to came to an end, with the worst possible outcome.

Snipe: For a training camp to prepare students for combat with villains to be attacked... It's is shameful.

Midnight: "Fear of villain activation"... We were too naive in recognizing the legitimacy of this threat. They have already begun the war. The war to destroy our hero society.

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