Another Attack

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The Next Day

Aizawa: Good morning everyone.

There were some of my classmates that still sleepy, of course.

Aizawa: Today we begin a rigorous round of reinforcement training. This trip's mission statement is to strengthen everyone's quirks as a whole, thereby allowing everyone to achieve their temporary licenses. This is preparation to stand against and up to live action hostility and aggression from your enemy. Prepare your hearts and minds. With that said, Bakugou, try throwing this.

He said and threw a softball to Bakugou.

Aizawa: Your last record was 705.2 meters. Let's see how much you've improved.

Mina: Woah, a skill growth test!

Me*thought*: What's so exciting about it?

Sero: These three months have been pretty intense, so I'm calling over 1km! You got this, Bakugou!

Sero: These three months have been pretty intense, so I'm calling over 1km! You got this, Bakugou!

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Deku: Drop dead...

Aizawa: 709.6 meters.

Sero: Huh...? That's not even close to what we expected...

Aizawa: In three months, you have grown. But that growth has been primarily emotional and technical. Now the time has come to concentrate on physical advancement as well. Starting today, we will focus on upgrading your quirks. I will be pushing you beyond your limits, so try not to kick the bucket on me.

2 Hours Later

Me: Blast... Away...!

A big rock in front of me got blown away.

I coughed up some bloods into a bucket.

Me*thought*: Fuck.

Mandelei:*looks at Aizawa* Hey, Aizawa. This boy's face is really pale. You sure he can keep going?

Aizawa: Unlike Uraraka and Aoyama, his quirk can kill him if he overuse it, so yeah, you can stop, (Y/N).

I fell to the ground while panting heavily.

Me*thought*: Fuck, that was rough.

Aizawa: I've erased your quirk, so do you have anything to say?

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