Provisional License Exams II

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The Same Day
The Same Place
Kirizaya POV

Joke: The "first 100 to pass" system is really going to spur on the attacking types. But there's more to it than that, isn't there.

Aizawa: Unity, cooperation, information-gathering ability... It looks like those factors will be the keys to success in this exam.

Me: The first to pass system might get some examinees carried away, causing them to lose their cool...

Me&Aizawa: Only to have the tables turned on them.


Yuta came closer to me and whispered me something.

Yuta: I actually need your help with something.

Me: Takana?

Yuta: I'll tell you later.

He then looked at Deku.

Yuta: Midoriya! I'll be borrowing (Y/N) and leave Rika with you guys!

Deku: Okay!

Yuta: Rika, look after Class A! Even if they got split up, just help them as much as you could!

Rika: Yess, Yuta...

Yuta: Let's go.

Me: Shake.

Me and Yuta ran away from our group.

Examinee 1: They're trying to run away!

Exminee 2: Get them!

They threw their balls to us.

Me:*unzips mask* Blast away.

All the balls got blast away and we escaped the scene.

But before we can go any further, an earthquake occured.

Yuta: Crap.

The ground around us began to collapse.

Little Timeskip

Yuta: Sheesh, what a powerful quirk.

He said and helped me to stand.

Me: Takana?

Yuta: Yeah, I'm alright. How about you?

Me: Shake.

Yuta: Well, let's talk while hunting for people. We don't want to fall behind, right?

Me: Shake.

We started running.

Me: Takana?

Yuta: Well, this is about my senpai.

Examinee 1: There are two here!

He and his friends threw their balls to us but Yuta skillfully cut all of it with his katana.

Yuta: Okay, this is getting annoying.

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