Take Care

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I look around at the audiences while walking to the center of arena.

Me*thought*: So many people. Just like what I thought.

Deku: Can you draw out your best perfomance with so many eyes gazing from all directions...!?

Iida: This too is an other link on the academy's grand hero training scheme.

Me: Shake.

Sero: And (Y/N) get to join in too! That's make it even nice!

Kaminari: Yeah, I really wants to see how strong he is.

Kirishima:*nervous laugh* You guys... Don't know know what happened between (Y/N) and Bakugou at USJ, do you?

Bakugou: I'll kill you this time for sure, onigiri bastard!

Me: Shake.

We then stop walking after we reach the middle of the arena. There is a stage there and Midnight is standing there.

Midnight: Now now, fair play!!

Tokoyami: Hey, don't you guys think her costume is too prominent?

Me: Shake.

Iida: I think so.

Deku&Uraraka: Yeah.

Midnight: Silence! My tenure here is perfectly on the level!! Now, player rep!! Bakugou Katsuki of 1-A!!

Bakugou start to walk to the stage.

Me: Okaka.

Deku: Our representative is Kacchan?!

Sero: He placed first in the entrance exam, remember?

Woman from Class C: Yeah, the heroics exam.

Bakugou go closer to the microphone.

Bakugou: Sensei. I'm gonna place first.

Kirishima: Ah man, I knew he was gonna....!!

Most of the students start to boo at Bakugou.

Students: Don't push your luck, Class A!!

Iida: Why do you insist on lowering our good graces!?

Me: Mentaiko!

Deku: It's rare to hear (Y/N) use expletive word.

Bakugou: You'll all make fantastic stepping stones, I'm sure.

Bakugou start to walk down from the stage.

Me*thought*: I'm not suprised actually. What he's doing right now is deliberately cornering himself.

Midnight: All right, with that we can move directly onto our first event! This year's first round of destiny is...

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