More Training

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The Next Day
6 a.m.

Kirizaya:*claps* Well, that was nice match.

Hu Tao:*giggles* (Y/N)-kun have a great agility.

She said and sticked her polearm to the ground.

We then high five.

Kirizaya: Okay, get in and get ready for school. Me and Ai will prepare the breakfast.

Hu Tao&Me: Okay!/Shake.

Hu Tao took her polearm and we started walking into the building. I wiped my sweat with my towel.

Hu Tao: Hey, (Y/N)-kun. This may sounds rude, but... Is your mother still alive?

Me:*shakes head* Okaka.

Hu Tao: I see... Well, go first. I'm gonna drink some water.

Me: Shake.

I started walking away from her.

Hu Tao POV

I just stared at (Y/N) as he walked away. Kirizaya then came beside me.

Me: Sensei, you see it too, don't you? (Y/N)-kun's mom spirit.

Kirizaya: Yeah.

He smiled.

Kirizaya:*warm smile* She sure loves her children.

Me:*smiles* I can say the same goes to your parents too.

Kirizaya:*smiles* They always by my side. Thank you for always reminding me that, Hu Tao.

Hu Tao:*giggles* You're welcome.

I started to walk away.

Kirizaya POV

I took out my phone and called someone.

The person answered the call not a second later.

Power Loader: It's so damn early, Kirizaya. What do you need?

Me: Just want to ask about the thing that I asked from you a few days ago.

Power Loader: It's still in process. I think it will be done later today, so come to my studio later.

Me: I see. Sorry for the trouble.

Power Loader: Not a problem.

Class 1-A

Aizawa: As I mentioned yesterday, our first objective will be earning "provisional hero license" for you all.

Almost everyone: Yes, sir!

Kirizaya: I'm sure everyone knows this, but I'll just tell you, anyways. A hero license grants you permission to directly intervene when peoples' lives are at stack. This qualification carries an immense weight. And of course the examination required to earn the license is extremely strict. That goes without saying. But even though it just a provisional license, the pass rate of this exam, year to year, is less than 5 percent.

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