Angel Of Death

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The Same Day
Class 1-A

I entered the class and Kirishima wrapped his arm around me.

Me: Takana?

Kirishima: Dude, we heard you just got buffed!

Me*thought*: Is he talking about my arm?

I raised my left arm and showed it to everyone. Well, not everyone since Hu Tao and Bakugou weren't here.

Kaminari: Cool!

Uraraka: You don't need to worry about dropping out anymore!

Me: Shake.

Iida: Shinigami-sensei sure is smart since he created the blueprint for the artificial arm.

Well, he has a point. Power Loader-sensei just created what students requested, and the students needed to provide him the details of the stuffs that they wanted Power Loader-sensei to create.

Me*thought*: Well, while we're still at it, I'll just ask Deku about Kirizaya's quirk.

Me: Sujiko.

Everyone looked at me and I showed Deku what I wrote on my phone.

Deku: Shinigami-sensei's quirk, huh?

Sero: Well... Now that he mentioned it, I also never know what is his quirk.

Deku: It's not surprising if you don't know actually. Up until recently, all the civilians and press know about Shinigami-sensei is just his name. And anything else about him is mystery.

All except me: Huh?

Deku: Shinigami-sensei took the No. 8 place three years ago and still in the same place today, but he never showed up for the ceremony.

Me*thought*: Three years ago? Then that means he became the No. 8 Hero when he was 18. That's incredible, I'd say.

Deku: And because he never showed up for any of the ceremony, he's not so popular, and that ruins his popularity. That's why he's still No. 8 Hero until now.

Me*thought*: I see.

Deku: Well, getting back onto the topic... Shinigami-sensei's quirk named "Reaper". Basically, he can do everything grim reaper can do.

Todoroki: That explains his codename.

Outside of the class
Kirizaya POV

I eavesdropped on them while leaning against the door with both of my hands crossed.

Me: At least he didn't know the whole thing.

I looked at my right hand.

Me: Mom, dad... I'm gonna avenge you.

I clenched my hand and walked away from the class.

My hands are already dirty.

The word "hero" is not for me.

But I'm not a villain either.

To be honest... I don't believe in justice. Why?

Because justice only can harm people, but it cannot save or protect others.

My father once said, "Your enemy in this world is the world itself".

And my mother once said, "Find your reasons, and hold onto them. Trust me, you won't have any regrets when you die."

The world became my enemy because it was corrupted by these people called "villains". And the head of them is All For One.

If finding my reasons and hold onto them can make me won't have ang regrets when I die, then I'll gladly do it.

My reason to live is to erase the corruption of this world.

So tell me.

Is it wrong...

To get a beautiful death?

God, looks like your "angel" will go to hell.

Sorry... Mom, dad. We won't be able to meet again.

To be continued...

(A/N): Sorry for the slow update and this short chapter. I wrote this chapter simply to let you know Kirizaya a little better. Once again, sorry for the slow update. I actually felt burnout for the past few weeks. See ya in the next chapter :)

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