Trying To Solve My Problem

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Later That Day

Examinee 1: I wonder how I did...

Examinee 2: We did everything we could... But I have no idea how they were watching us.

I just stayed quiet and looked at Todoroki.

He kinda got into a fight during the exam being held, so I kinda worried about his results.

Examiner: Hello everybody and thank you for waiting. You have all worked hard. I will now begin by presenting the results of the examination. But before that, I have just a few words...

He then started to tell us how they evaluated us.

Well, I couldn't care less. If I fail, then I'll try again next year. It's not a big deal.

He then showed us the names on a big screen behind him.

I started to search for my name.

"Nakamura (Y/N)"

Me*thought*: Cool.

Todoroki: Looks like you passed.

Me: Shake.

Todoroki: Well, I think it was my own fault I failed.


Yoarashi then walked up to us.

Yoarashi: Todoroki!

We looked at him as he stopped in front of us.

We looked at him as he stopped in front of us

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Todoroki:... From the very beginning, this was a result of the seeds I had sown... So cut that out. You really gave it to me straight back there. And thanks to that, there were some important things that I came to realize.

Most of our classmates started to approached Todoroki.

???: Good job, buddy.

Yuta wrapped his arm around me while smiling.

Me: Takana?

Yuta:*smiles* I passed too, thanks for asking.

Some men in suit then started to gave all the examinees a piece of paper.

The paper contained the specifics of the exaimnees' scoring that were described in great detail.

Yuta: What is your points?

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