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Cursed Mouth Hero Office
Asahi POV

Me: What are you doing here, brother?

Enji: How dare you call me brother after you change your surname.

Me: Well, I don't want to throw dirt to our family's name since I have different quirk than any Todoroki Family member. So, what are you doing here?

Enji: You know about the attack on USJ, don't you?

Me: Yeah, I know.

Enji: And you also know about (Y/N) got hospitalized, don't you?

Me: Why should I care about that cursed child?

Suddenly he grab me by my collar.

Enji: Watch your mouth, Asahi. Just because he accidentally killed your wife doesn't make him a villain. He's still a child that time.

Me: Said someone who force his last son to surpass All Might and made his first child ran away. Now, tell me what do you want from me and leave. I have work to do.

He let me go and start to walk to the door.

Enji: I want you to come to the UA sports festival, so you can see my son defeat your "cursed" son.

Me: Huh, it's not like I care about it. But I think I'll come.

Enji: You better come.

He says before leave my office.

Endeavor POV

I take out my phone and call someone as I walking in long hallway.

After a few moments, the person amswer my call.

Me: He said he'll probably come, Aiko.

Aiko: Thanks for convincing him.

Me: This is the right thing to do. And I'm the one that should say that. I really thought (Y/N) accidentally killed his mother.

Aiko: (Y/N) can't tell anyone about it because of his limited vocabulary. I didn't tell anyone about it because I want to wait for the right time. And the time has come.

Me: Anyway, how's (Y/N)'s injury?

Aiko: I already healed him and now he can join the sports festival.

Me:*smirk* Huh, good. I really want to see him fight with Shoto. Maybe he can be the person that will make Shoto use his left side.

Aiko: It will be epic fight. I'm very sure of it.

Two Weeks Later
Class A Waiting Room

Todoroki: Today is the day.

Me: Shake.

Todoroki: You sure your father will come?

I take out my phone and show him a photo of my father is waiting at the audience seats. Aiko is the one that took the picture and sent it to me.

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