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The Same Night
On our way out from the alley

Todoroki: I found something useable in an always trusty trash heap.

He said while dragging Hero Killer with rope.

Iida: Todoroki, I should pull him-

Todoroki: Your arm is in bad shape, dude.

Me: Shake.

Pro Hero: I'm sorry... I'm a pro yet I was just a burden on you...

He said while bringing Deku on his back. He's the pro hero that almost got kill by Hero Killer.

Deku: No... In a one-on-one fight against that guy's quirk, probability to lose is very high.

Todoroki: Even four-on-one, we only just managed to win by the skin of our teeth due to the errors he himself made. Maybe he was in such a fret that he let the time it took for Midoriya to recover slip from his head. Lastly, setting aside Iida's Recipro... He couldn't do anything once (Y/N) order him to not move.

We then see a little old man wearing hero costume come out from an alley not too far away from us.

Old Man:*look at Deku* What the hell are you doing here, boy?!!

Deku: Gran Torino!!

The old man kick Deku's face.

Gran Torino: I told you to sit down, didn't I?!!

Deku: Gran Torino!!

Gran Torino: Well, I don't know what happened, but I'm glad if you're all right.

Deku: Gran Torino... I'm sorry.

We then see more pro hero coming at us.

Pro Hero1: We received a command from Endeavor to come provide assistance but....

Pro Hero2: Kids...?!

Pro Hero3: They've got awful wounds! Call an ambulance!

Pro Hero4: Hey, is that... The Hero Killer?!

Todoroki: Endeavor isn't here, does that mean he's still in the middle of a fight back there?

Deku: Ah, right! Noumu's brothers...!

Pro Hero5: Yeah... We came here because we don't have any guys with quirks among us that would work against those villains.

Iida: You three...

Me, Todoroki, and Deku turn around only to see Iida is bowing.

Iida: You three sustained wounds because of me... I'm truly sorry... *cries* I became so blind... I couldn't see anything...!

Deku: I'm sorry too, man... You were brooding so much, but I completely overlooked that even though we're friends...

Me: Shake...

Todoroki: Pull yourself together. You're the class president.

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