Game Over

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Todoroki: That's All Might for you... Looks like we're not even players anymore...

He said while helping me to stand up.

Kirishima: We really oughta be drawing back now! Otherwise we might end up getting used as hostages!

We then look at Deku.

Kirishima: Midoriya!

Midoriya just quite. He is looking at All Might who is standing. My eyes went wide a little.

Me*thought*: That's just bluffing. If he move, he'll return to his true form. I can heal him but... I'm at my limit already. If I said even a command, the possibility for my vocal cord to broke is high. Just to recover Deku's notebook need me to drink my cough syrup. If it's just a little injury, I can heal it... But All Might's injury if too worse for me to heal... If I heal it, my vocal cord will broke for sure!

The magic carpet and the hand man start to rush at All Might.

Me*thought*: Shit!

Midoriya then jump at the magic carpet and the hand man. The hand man try to grab Deku's face through the magic carpet void.

Kirishima: Midoriya!

Me*thought*: One last command. I need to do it.

Me: Return!

Suddenly the magic carpet and the hand man dissapear. I cough up more blood. My vision start to become blur.

Me*thought*: No... I said the command to the wrong people... I wanted to say it at Deku and All Might...

I finally fall unconscious.

Deku POV

Me:*look at (Y/N)* (Y/N)...!!

Todoroki is still holding (Y/N)'s body.

???: He made the right choice to make the boss return to his place.

We look at the voice direction.

Snipe: We're not in condition to fight

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Snipe: We're not in condition to fight.

Midnight: That's why sending them to their is the best decision for now.

I look down at the ground in frustration.

Me: I was... Useless...! I tried to save All Might... But in the end, I'm the one that was saved by (Y/N)...!

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