Test Exercise

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Test Exercise Day
Exam Site

Aizawa: Right, the test exercise will begin shortly.

Right now we're in front of the exam site wearing our hero costumes. All the teachers are also there.

Aizawa: Obviously it's possible for you guys to fail this test too. So if you want to head to the forest lodge, then we'd better not see any pitiful blunders from you.

Kyoka: Why there are so many teachers...?

Aizawa: I've no doubt you all learned what information could of the test beforehand. So I think you already hold a vague notion of what you are to do...

Kaminari:*happily* Sure, just like the entrance exam it will be like a musou game only with robots!!

Mina: I can just see the fireworks! The curry! The dare sessions!!

Suddenly Principal Nezu come out from Aizawa's scarf.

Nezu: Sorry, I'm afraid not!! Due to various reasons, we're changing the contents of the test, starting today!

Sero: Mr. Principal!

Yaoyorozu: What do you mean...

Principal Nezu get off from Aizawa's shoulder.

Nezu: Well... We will have you form pairs to engage in combat with one of the teachers!

Uraraka: With our senseis...!?

Me*thought*: Interesting.

Aizawa: The pairs and who they will fight has been decided.

He then smirk.

Aizawa:*smirk* And the first match is (Y/N), Todoroki, Yaoyorozu against me.

Me and Todoroki fist bump.

Todoroki: We'll beat him.

Me: Shake.

Replica of city

Right now we're running in a replica of city trying to find the escape gate.

Todoroki: Yaoyorozu! It doesn't matter what, just keep creating small objects! If you ever become unable to, then assume Aizawa-sensei is close by! The test will be clinched by whichever side manages to find the other first. The second we can eye and confirm his position, me and (Y/N) will go draw him out and you bolt toward the escape gate. Until then, don't get too far from us.

Yaoyorozu just quiet.

I take a look at her. From what I can see, she wants to say something but she doesn't have the confidence to say it.

Me: Sujiko.

Todoroki:*look at me* What is it?

All of us stop running.

I point at Yaoyorozu then point at my mouth.

Todoroki: Hmm? You said Yaoyorozu want to say something?

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