On-The-Job Training

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A few days before on-the-job training
Teacher Office
Aizawa POV

Snipe: On-the-job training, huh? Some chose already? This is an important event, so I hope they thought it through carefully. There are always people who respect their choice come senior year...

Me: That's true...

I take a look at (Y/N)'s choice.

Me: Hm?

Snipe: What is it?

Me: Who take over Cursed Mouth hero agency after his arrest?

Snipe: If I'm not mistaken, it's one of your former student. What is his name again?

Me: Let me guess. Tartaglia?

(A/N): If you play Genshin Impact, you know this guy. Don't worry, if you don't play it, I'll explain his power later.

Snipe: Ah yes, that one. Why you ask?

Me: Nothing too important.

Me*thought*: So Tartaglia also scouted (Y/N), huh?

I put (Y/N)'s paper away.


Job Training Choices

Name: (Y/N) Nakamura

Class: 1-A

First choice: Tokyo (Hosu City). Cursed Mouth Hero Agency.


A few days later
On-the-job training day
Cursed Mouth Hero Agency

Tartaglia: Ah, (Y/N). Long time no see.

 Long time no see

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Name: Tartaglia.

Quirk: Water Manipulation (His mother's quirk). Weapon Summoning (His father's quirk).

Quirk abilities:

-He can create and control water around him.

-Can summon weapons.

Occupation: Pro hero. Cursed Mouth's sidekick (formerly). Boss of Cursed Mouth hero agency (currently).

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