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The Next Day
In front of the school

Reporter1: What kind of lessons does All Might teach?

Deku: Ehh?! Ah... I'm sorry, but I had to got to nurses' office.

We got surrounded by a large group of press in front of the school.

Reporter2: How does it feel to have "Symbol of Peace" teaching you.

Me: Okaka.

Reporter2: Huh?

Deku push me from behind.

Deku: He said "no comment".

Me, Deku, Uraraka, and Iida finally enter the school area.

Uraraka: Phew. We managed to go through that

Me: Shake.

Uraraka: It must be hard for you to talk that way. It like a curse.

My eyes went wide little bit after hearing that. Suddenly I heard two voices in my head.

"That child's was a curse! We should leave him in orphanage!"

"Don't say something awful like that to him! It's not a curse!"

Iida: (Y/N), are you with us?

I ignore him and speed up my pace leaving them behind.

Deku POV

Uraraka: What's with him?

Me: He don't like the word "curse". It will remind him of his past...

Iida: Do you know about his past?

Me: Yeah...

Uraraka: Then you must know about his parents. What kind of person are they?

I look at (Y/N) as he enter the building.

Me: Let's not talk about it. It's little bit sensitive. (Y/N) won't like it if he know I tell someone about his past.

Iida: From your sentence, I can feel that his past is not like I though it would be.

Me: What did you thought?

Iida: Maybe like normal person. Have a normal family and everything.

Me*thought*: Yeah... You're totally wrong about that, Iida.

Class 1-A

Aizawa: We need to pick a class president.

All except me: Finally, something school-like!!!

Most of the students start to offer themselves to be the president including Bakugou.

I just look at them with bored look. It's not like I don't want to compete with them, but how should I give order to them using my language?

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