Provisional License Exam IV

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About Three Weeks Ago
PSC Building
Conference Room
Kirizaya POV

Attendee 1: Hitting each other with balls...? Seems a little bit lighthearted... Is that really okay?

I was standing in the middle of the room, telling them my ideas.

Me: That's not true essence about it. It's about creating a chaotic situation to draw out their thinking abilities.

Attendee 2: And the second phase is more of the same? If we do with this, the exam will be less about measuring individual ability and more about their ability to work in teams.

Me: I'm sorry, but that's the advocacy of the National Police Agency. As much as I hate it, I can't refuse their order.

Attendee 3: He's right. Of course, the fundamental knowledge around rescue like first-aid and diagnosing is necessary, but above that, we were told to have the test content emphasize collaboration and cooperation.

Attendee 4: Cooperation, huh...

Me: I'm sorry to interrupt, but who said I have don explaining?

Attendee 5: You have other things in mind?

Me: For the second phase, I just explained the base of the test. I still haven't put the topping, yet.

They turned their attentions towards me.

Me: For the second phase, the students need to do their rescue manuevers while keeping the "villains" at ease.

Attendee 6: We're listening.

Me: Gang Orca and me are gonna act as villains during the second test and will attack the students. And the points calculation will be like this. Everyone will start with an allotment of points and will be evaluated using a point deduction system. The huc will judge them on the basis of their rescue actions. Aside from that, for things like whether or not they are positioning their quirk in the most suitable way possible, their overall movements... I want to have 100 members of PSC to judge it. They will be equipped with a scoring manual and data on all 100 examinees. Each one will be scoring a single examinee. Those who fall below 50 points will automatically fail.

The attendees looked at each other and started whispering amongst them.

After a few minutes, they nodded.

Attendee 1: Well then, we'll go with your plan.

Present Time
Kirizaya POV

As I was fighting with Yuta, suddenly a barrage of ice came at me.

I swung my scythe around me, destroying all the ice that were coming at me.

Me*thought*: Shoto.

And a second later, a strong wind sent back all the ice that I destroyed to me.

Me: Shinigami's Presence.

All the flying ice turned into ash.

Me*thought*: Yoarashi.

Yuta:*nervous smile* You sure are hard to be defeated.

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