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The Same Day
Award Ceremony

Right now me, Todoroki, and Bakugou is standing on podiums.

Bakugou on the 3rd place podium, Todoroki on the 2nd place podium, and I'm on the 1st place podium.

Midnight: Now then, let's move on to award ceremony!

Bakugou: I want to destroy something...!!

Me and Todoroki just quite.

Bakugou: Say something!

Me&Todoroki: Okaka/something.

Bakugou:*scary face* GRRR!!!

Me:*look at Todoroki* Tuna mayo.

Todoroki: Yeah, I don't think making fun of him is a good idea.

Class 3 A audiences seats
Aiko POV

Amajiki: What are you thinking about your brother now, Aiko? Do you finally realize your way to keep him safe isn't right?

Me: You're so insensitive.

Hado: But I gotta agree with Amajiki-kun this time. Your way is not the right way, Aiko-chan.

Me:*sigh*I really should say sorry to him. But I don't think he will forgive me that easily.

Amajiki: So apologize to him until he forgive you.

Me: How?

Amajiki: Why ask us? It's your problem that need to be solved.

Class 1-A

Aizawa: Okay, I just come back from police station so let's make it as quick as possible.

Earlier, after the awarding ceremony, Endeavor talked to me and Aiko.

He said we can move to his family house. But we refuse. We know what happened between them in the house. We don't want to make the situation even more worse than now.

Aizawa: There will be no school tomorrow and the day after tomorrow so rest well. I'll organize all the nominations from the pros and present them after the break. Be sure to get some rest, even if your heart will be pounding. That's all, dismiss.

He walk out from the class. I'm about to stand but my phone ringing.

I take out my phone and answer the call from my boss.

Me: Konbu.

Boss: You did well earlier. I'll give you day off today.

Me: Tuna mayo.

Boss: Not a problem.

He end the call.

Deku: Hey, (Y/N). Someone wants to see you.

I look at him who is standing in front of the door. Aiko is behind him.

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