(Y/N) vs Bakugou

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Midnight: START!!

Bakugou slam his hand to the ground and make a huge explosion.

Present Mic: What just happened?!

Aizawa: Bakugou make smokescreen to block (Y/N)'s view.

Me*thought*: I can't attack if I can't see.

I close my eyes and start to concentrate.


I turn around.


I unzip my mask.


I quickly open my eyes and see Bakugou get out from the smoke with his hand ready to attack me.

Me: Stop.

He stop moving. I grab his hair and throw him to the ground. All the smoke start to gone.

Bakugou: You bastard!

He stand up and start to rush at me. When he close enough to me, he start to swing his hands at me. Each time his hands hit me,  explosions occur. I block all of it.

Me*thought*: I can't continue blocking like this. I need to find any chances to him right away.

He continue to send explosions at me and I continue to block the explosions.

Me*thought*: Need some space.

When he's about to launch another attack, I kick his torso and send him away from me.

Me*thought*: Agh, my arm will be burned if I he continue to attack me. Need to counter him somehow.

Bakugou start to rush at me again. He try to attack me but I dodge all his attack.

Me*thought*: I have idea. But it's gonna be hurt.

I kick Bakugou away from me and quiclkly look at Class 3-A audiences seats. I spotted Aiko. She is looking at me too. I nod at her. She nod at me back.

Bakugou: Where are you looking at, Onigiri?!

I take a deep breath.

Me: Blast away.

Bakugou got blast away but before he can land outside the arena, he use his explosion to stay in the arena. He rush at me.

Me: Blast away.

He got blast away away again and he do the same thing and manage to avoid from going out from the arena.

Me: Blast away.

Aizawa POV

I just look at those two as they repeat the same thing.

Me*thought*: What is he thinking? He's hurting himself.

(Y/N): Blast away.

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