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The Same Day
SAS Base
Conference Room

Kirizaya: Good job, lads.

He said as he entered the room with the guy that Price called "Ghost" earlier and a dark skin man.

Price, Soap, Hu Tao, and I were sitting around a table. There was a lot of boxes on the table.

Ghost opened one of the boxes and whistled.

Ghost: Looks like you guys hit a jackpot.

Price: Yeah, how about you guys?

Dark skin man: Well, we got informations Grim Reaper needs.

Kirizaya showed us a flash drive.

Kirizaya: Some of this belongs to you guys since there's a list of the drug buyers too. I just want to take the informations that can lead me to Chisaki.

Me: Tuna mayo.

Hu Tao: I agree with him. It seems like this operation is a success.

Ghost: Well, now that the operation is over, when you're gonna leave?

Kirizaya: Three to four days maybe. I still have things need to be settled here.

Soap: I see. How about the kids?

Kirizaya: Well, I want to bring them, but...

He looked at me before looking back at the rest of the team.

Kirizaya: I think it's enough killing for them today. I'll let them have a few days off.

Price: I see. Ghost, Soap, you guys have days off tomorrow, right?

Soap: Well, yeah.

Ghost: What? Don't tell me you want-

Price: Then how about taking the kids to a walk around the city tomorrow?

Ghost: Fucking hell. Come on, Johny. Say something.

Soap: Well, I don't have any problem, actually.

Ghost: Are you fucking kidding me?

He facepalmed.

Kirizaya: I guess it's settled, then. Thanks, you two.

Ghost wanted to protest again but decided to just keep quiet.

Kirizaya: Right, let's go.

He started to walk to the door and was followed by Hu Tao and I.

Little Timeskip
In a car

Me: Tuna mayo?

Kirizaya: Yeah, this is my car. I have a house here.

Me: Damn...

Kirizaya: You guys did a good job. And (Y/N), have you finally realized why I took you for the internship?

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