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Two Days Later
Class 1-A

It's been two days since the attack. Although I made mistake, no one blame me for that. Even the teachers didn't blamed me.

Due to my injury, I can't use my quirk for a while. That's what the doctor said to me. And because of the same injury, my voice became huskier than before.

Iida: All right, listen!! It's time for this morning's homeroom period! Take your seats, everyone!!

Sero: We are in our seats, you're the one who's not.

Someone open the class door. We look at the door and see a mummy.

Mummy: Morning

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Mummy: Morning.

Almost everyone: Aizawa-sensei, you're already back!!!?

Aizawa start to enter the class.

Iida: Sensei, you're all right!!

Me: Okaka.

Uraraka: Yeah, can you really call that "all right"....?

Aizawa: Don't concern yourselves over me. After all, the battle hasn't really ended for you yet.

Bakugou: The battle?

Deku: You don't mean...

Mineta: More villains!!?

Aizawa: UA's sports festival is approaching, boys and girls!

Almost everyone: Oh yeah, this is a school!!

Aizawa: Yeah, good news for all of you but a person.

All except me: Huh?

Aizawa: (Y/N) can't join the festival.

My eyes went wide a little.

Aizawa: I know you little bit shocked by this, (Y/N). But this is for your good, too. You remember what your doctor said, right?

Me:*sigh* Shake.

Aizawa: I know this is kinda unfair for you since the pros will scout all of you during the festival, but like I said before, this is for your own good. I hope you understand.

I look down at my table.

Me: Shake.

Noonday Break

Me*thought*: Huh, everyone's so pumped. And I can't do anything.

???: Hey.

I look beside me and see a girl with long. black hair.

Me*thought*: If I'm not mistaken her name is Yaoyorozu Momo.

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