Chapter - 03

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Braelyn's POV

And that was it. It was the day when Evan would be joining. The day I had been dreading since a week. The name of the company had been changed from White Enterprises to Lewis Industries, showing how real the situation was. Honestly, me and Bri never talked about this again as promised. It was like we happily ignored the topic in our head. 

As the days kept pasing, people were talking more about the new boss , sharing whatever information they could gather about him. William Lewis had taken his retirement and his sons Evan and Ryan Lewis had taken over his businesses.The tabloids said that Lewis Industries had reached new heights under the young Lewis. They have also been in the news for being the two most eligible bachelors with their success and good looks. 

Ryan… I was really close to him. He was the annoying best friend who could make you smile in the toughest of situations and understand your concerns. Together we used to pull the stupidest of the pranks on Evan and laugh at his expense. After that day, with everything else , I lost a friend as well. Though he had tried contacting him, I cut him off my life. I couldn't bear having any connection with any of the people related to him but here he was , taking over as my new boss. So much for trying to avoid him!

Pushing away all the negative thoughts for the moment, I rubbed my sweaty hands on my skirt before lifting myself off my table to get outside. Everyone was to assemble to greet the new boss. 

I had dressed up in the dullest pair of clothes to avoid attracting attention and kept my hair down. I knew this was stupid and I couldn't hide for long but the last desperate measure as they say.


They were murmuring all around as we waited for the boss whose car had just arrived. Everyone quietened as some distinct footsteps were heard. 

Soon the new boss made his entrance. I didn't have the courage to look up at his face. This was like a nightmare which I was going to leave. 

" Welcome Sir." Sasha, the head of the HR department gave him a bouquet of flowers. I assumed  he just nodded as I didn't hear him reply. 

" Everyone meet our new boss, Mr. Evan Lewis." Sasha announced. 

" Good morning everyone." I shivered at his deep masculine voice. I could always recognise this voice , one that I had grown accustomed to so much at a time.  Hearing him after so many years felt surreal. 

I don't know why I couldn't control it but I looked up. It was as if before my brain could warn me, I snapped my head up and my eyes immediately met with his steel grey ones. He was already looking at my face. As our gazes locked I felt a jolt of electricity pass through me. 

His face was void of any emotions but the intensity of his gaze was such that it could have anyone cowering to him. He looked more intimidating and colder than ever. It was like he was trying to pierce through me with his stare. I broke the contact and looked away. My heart was thumping so loudly against my chest.

" I anticipate working with you all and look forward to taking this organization to greater heights with our collective efforts. Thank you everyone. You may resume working." He spoke , his voice full of authority and a commanding aura. 

I didn't dare look up again when he walked past me into his cabin. 

" He is so damn hot! I can't believe I am going to see him everyday from now on!" Cora clasped her hands in excitement. 

" I can't believe it as well." I mumbled softly, not meant for anyone to hear. 

" Did you say something?" I looked at Austin's confused face before shaking my head. 

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