Chapter- 11

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Evan's POV

She nodded at me before getting on her tippy toes and attaching her lips to mine.

I closed my eyes tightly to relieve the pain that was resurfacing in me. We used to spend a lot of time here in her house and I wasn't sure how easy it would be for me to come back here. Finally making up my mind I came out and locked the car before pressing the bell.
A few seconds later the door opened.

"Evan?" Brillie looked shocked to find me at the door.

"Brielle." I acknowledged with a curt nod.

"Where is Braelyn?" She bit her lip, seemingly unsure of what her answer should be.

"She isn't feeling good. Maybe she will see you tomorrow?" There was a hint of worry in her eyes, like she didn't want me here . Most probably Brae had told her everything about today.

"No, I want to see her now. Can I come in?" I was determined.

"Uhh sure. Come in." She hesitantly moved away, allowing me to pass . I took a quick glance at the living room. Everything looked nearly the same as I saw it last time.

"Where is she?" My eyes landed back on Brielle. She had a look of nervousness on her face, not sure of the words that she was about to let out.

"In her room. She hasn't come out since she came back from the office. I couldn't even make her eat anything. Please don't hurt her anymore.... It wasn't her fault." She mumbled the last part to herself. I felt miserable that she thought I came to hurt Brae more.

"I won't." Giving a short assurance, I started walking upstairs. Everything about this house was uncomfortably familiar to me. As I reached her room, the door was closed but not locked. Pushing open the door I entered .

Brae was sitting at the head of the bed with her knees folded up to her chest and she was tightly hugging a pillow.

"Bri- leave please. I told you to leave me alone." Her muffled voice came out.

"Brae." She stilled for a moment before her head snapped up to look at me. One look at her face and my heart lurched. She stared at me with her bloodshot eyes, puffy from crying. Her face was red and she looked disoriented. The weight of guilt on me increased manifold times.

"Mr. Lewis?" Aggressively wiping her face, she immediately stood up but her feet gave away. I held her securely by her waist before she could land on the floor.

I sat down on the bed and pulled her beside me. She struggled a bit to get away but gave up realising that I wouldn't listen. She put her head on my shoulder and moaned in what seemed like pain.

"What happened? What hurts?" I asked softly.

"My head and my stomach… it hurts." She mumbled in a sleepy voice. I sighed.

"Why didn't you have anything?" Of course it would hurt if she wouldn't have any food.

"I had enough for a day. Lost my appetite." Her words stabbed my heart with remorse. How much hurt did I cause her?

"Brae, I am sorry. I shouldn't have said those words. I am-" She cut me off.

"It's okay." I stared off at the wall confused by what she said. Okay? How can it be okay?

"What? Are you not angry with me?" I publicly humiliated her, questioned her work ethics and she just couldn't be okay with it!

"I can't get angry with you, Evan. After all you're not behind this condition of mine.'' I was even more confused. Definitely I was the one who caused this hurt to her.

"What are you saying Brae? Of course I am the one to blame." I argued to which she weakly smiled and shook her head. Her face looked tired yet I found her beautiful, her deep blue eyes having a calming effect.

She too was staring at me, matching my intense gaze. Lost in our little staring competition, we unknowingly had inched closer until our lips were almost touching. As my lips brushed against her's, I felt a jolt of electricity pass through me. She must have felt the same as I noticed her shiver.

I was still staring into her eyes when our lips met. After she closed her eyes, I closed mine, getting lost in bliss. She was gripping my shirt with one hand , the other being around my waist. I brought one hand up to hold the nape of her neck while the other was secured around her waist.

Our lips moulded against each other, moving slowly. I felt things that had become foreign to me. Only a mere touch of her had the capacity to make me feel alive, only her soft lips could make my senses go haywire.

Feeling the need to breathe, we broke the kiss. She quickly looked away, her breath coming in pants. After a minute I wrapped my hand around her shoulder while she put her head on my shoulder.

We sat in complete silence before I heard her soft snores. Pushing a hair out of her face, I smiled seeing her sleep on me. This moment was strangely special. I felt at peace. This moment made me realise that I would never be able to get over this one woman, no matter what happens.


Braelyn's POV

"Brae, wake up. Brae?" I peeled one eye open to see Evan sitting beside me while I was lying down on the bed.

"I slept." I stated, embarrassed.

"Yes, you were exhausted but I had to wake you up. You need to eat or you will faint now." He brought a spoonful of soup from the bowl to my lips.
He kept feeding me while I stared at his face. The face which meant the world to me. Deep down I knew I had never moved on from him and I never would. He was the only man I would ever crave for.

When we kissed, I could feel a lost part of mine, a sense that I had lost. His touch brought it back, his kiss could make me feel the life in me.

I observed his face concentrated on the soup. He came to my house, took care of me. He was being nice but I couldn't get used to his sweet side. I feared that he would go back to being the cold man he had become.
Once he was done feeding the soup, gathering a lot of courage, I asked the one question that was pestering my mind.

"Evan, are you-are you going to, I mean, this thing is only for today right?" His jaw clenched and his entire demeanor changed.

Great! I had to bring this up now only. Way to ruin moments!

"I won't hurt again, if that's what you are asking. When I said I am sorry, I meant it." Saying this, he stood up and just left. I kept staring at the door replaying today's events in my mind.

He was shocked when I said that it wasn't his fault and I wasn't angry at him but it was true. I coulf never be angry at him for whatever he was doing. If I was in his position, maybe I would have behaved more aggressively. It hurts, it hurts so much that we have come to this position where a civil conversation between us was nearly impossible but then it wasn't our fault. It wasn't.

( A/N :- Flashback from Brae's perspective in the next update. The much awaited truth about their past will be out. 😉)


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