Chapter- 47

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Braelyn's POV

"Oh my God! It is so small. It looks like an M&M." I swear this woman could shout like a fox. Her voice had everyone's eyes on us for a moment. We cast apologetic glances at them before I glared at her.

"Yeah, you did not just say that." I chuckled at Austin's expression before I was pulled in for a tight hug by Cora.

"I'm so happy for you." Her wide grin spread to one of mine as well. I looked back at Austin who looked a bit uncomfortable.

"I have to use the washroom. I'll be back." She got up sensing the tension in there and I appreciated that. I really needed to talk to him.

"Austin, I..." I again trailed off and honestly I was disappointed in myself for never having anything proper to say.

"Cora told you. I know." He said as he tapped on the table. I took in a breath.

"I had failed to notice and I'm really really sorry for that. I'm sorry if I have unknowingly led you on or something.....I just miss you." I spoke about my honest feelings. He had been a great friend and I would hate for our relationship to go down the drain.

"Our friendship matters to me and I don't want this to ruin things between us." I placed a hand on top of his. He stared at it before looking up at my face.

"It won't, I promise." I felt relief when his lips stretched in a small but genuine smile.

"I'm happy for you. I mean it." I myself was really happy. Finally things were going right. I got my friend back and now I only wanted Evan and Victoria to mend things. I smiled back at Austin and not minutes after, Cora hopped back in.

"So, what did I miss?" We rolled our eyes at her.

"So what do you think I should wear?" I asked once Evan stepped out of the bathroom.

"Will this be okay?" I looked at him through the mirror to see his reaction. He stared blankly at me before he spoke up.

"You're not going." I spun back at once.

"What? I thought you said that you had agreed to go there."

"I said I'll be going, not you." I felt the anger rise in me all of a sudden. My tolerance level has gone down significantly in the past couple of weeks.

"Why not? What do you even mean?" I crossed my arms against my chest.

"I intend to clear things out with mom but I don't know how that's going to turn out. Till then you don't need to meet mom." He said while buttoning up his shirt.

"You can't decide that!" I threw the dress on the bed and snapped at him. I was angry and irritated. My overly emotional ass couldn't handle it anymore and I felt my eyes moistening.

"Hey, hey! Don't cry." He rushed towards me, perplexed when a few drops of tears rolled down my cheeks.

"I- Listen, I'm not trying to control you or something." He placed his hands cautiously on my shoulders like I would snap at him again and probably I would.

"It's just that last time mom said a lot of things and I don't want you to hear such things again and get hurt. I don't know about you but I don't like it when someone insults you." Though I wasn't completely satisfied with it, I could see what he meant. He had agreed with me to mend things with Victoria. So, I could miss the dinner if that put him at ease.

"Please don't cry." He wiped the tears off my cheek with his thumb before staring into my eyes.

"It's just the hormones." I mumbled. He passed a small smile before pulling me in his arms.

"Stay here, watch a movie or something. If you need anything ask Nora, okay?" He kissed my hair while I only kept quiet, enjoying the warmth of the hug. He pulled a little bit away to look at my face.

"I promise I'll be back very soon." He said pushing the hair strands away from my face.

Evan's POV

I put my signature on the file when I heard the door to my cabin open. Looking up, I saw Ryan ambling in.

"Thank you, Mr. Lewis." Liam collected the file before heading off, leaving me with my brother who was seated in from of me.

"So, yesterday's dinner." He drawled and automatically a sigh left my mouth at the reminder of last night.

"That went well." I rolled my eyes at him.

"To be honest I wasn't expecting it to be a picnic." I said, looking for the report of yesterday's conference. It was supposed to be on my desk by now.

"Don't be mad at mom. You know she cares too much about your stupid ass." I threw him a short irritated glance before resuming my search.

"Where's the report of this- Where's Brae?" I asked myself more.

"You don't know where your girlfriend is? What a doting boyfriend you are!" I clicked my tongue in annoyance. Ryan's words could sometimes make sense while sometimes...anyway. Besides, why was he here though? Didn't he have like I don't know a company to run?

"Remind me how long it took you to grow some balls to ask Brielle out?" I teased back which effectively shut him up. While he looked away I dialled Brae's number but it went straight to voicemail.

"She is rejecting my calls." I said frowning at the mobile screen. Deciding to check on her, I shot up from my seat. I knew she was fine and in the office only but still... Coming to her cabin, I opened the door and let myself in.

"Why are you-" I cut myself off when I saw that Brae wasn't alone. She had a rather unexpecting company.



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