Chapter- 40

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Braelyn's POV

"Do we have a deal?" I looked back at Victoria's face.

"No. I'm not leaving him." She looked taken aback by my answer like she was sure I would jump at the chance. It took her a few seconds to respond.

"Why? Because he has now got more money than all of your previous conquests?" She spat the question out harshly.

"You don't know the whole thing. Let me tell you-" I was cut off again.

"Whatever I know is enough to understand what kind of a person you are. I don't need to hear anything from you." I could feel my jaws getting tense. Yes, I accept that the situation we were in was partly my fault but everyone has a patience limit.


"So you agree to it." I could hear the sense of relief in her voice.

"I agreed to not saying anything about that day but I didn't agree to leaving Evan." I wasn't doing it again, if the first time taught me anything.

"Why are you doing this? Why won't you leave him alone?" She semi-yelled, frustration dripping from her tone.

"Because I love him. I won't make the same mistake of leaving him alone again. I can't lose him again." She scoffed loudly at my words.

"I know you are only after his money and nothing else." I blinked the tears back and maintained a straight face till she had left me alone in the cafeteria.

"For getting the hell out of my son's life."

"He was much happier when you weren't in his life."

I was brought out of my thoughts by a muscular hand that came in and turned the burner off.

"And you can thank me later for preventing your food from burning." I pulled my eyes away from the pasta in the pan to Evan's face.

"I just got a little distracted." I made up an excuse while plating the pastas. His hands wrapped around my waist while he rested his head on my shoulder.

"What's on your mind?" He asked as I finished sprinkling some more of the herbs on it. I couldn't resist the urge to move my head slightly around and kiss his cheek.

"You." I felt him smile against my neck.

"Is it?" He spun me around and put his hands on either side of me. I was perfectly caged between him and the kitchen counter.

"Hmm-mm." My eyes flicked down to his lips before I remembered something more important. My birthday, duh!

"So are we going out for dinner tomorrow?" I circled my hands around his neck and leaned more into him. He furrowed his brows in a confused expression.

"Why? Is there something special tomorrow or do you just want to get dinner outside?" I tilted my head to the side and gave him a sarcastic, impressed look.

"Yeah, I am convinced. Great act you put up there." Evan stared down at my face before chuckling.

"We are going out but not for dinner." I had my cheeks pressed against his chest while he had arms wrapped around me as he slowly rocked us both.

"Then?" He put his head on top of mine.

"I have a little something in mind." I immediately pulled away to look at his face but before I could ask anything he cut me off.

"And I'm not telling you what it is." My lips curved down in disapproval.

"Evan, you know I hate this. Tell me, come on." I poked his hard chest with my fingers a few times before he caught it with his hand.

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