Chapter- 17

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Braelyn's POV

"Wait, I wanted to know!" I heard her whine while I was on my way to my cabin.
Taking the report that I was supposed to complete last Friday, I went to his room. I prepared myself to not be affected by Kate's presence and do anything stupid.
As I stood outside their room, I heard them speak.

"Leave it."

"No Evan. She doesn't deserve to be here. You should just kick her out of the office and make sure she doesn't get a job anywhere else." I gritted my teeth, trying not to explode. At the moment I wanted nothing more than to bang her head on a wall.

"Kate , I said leave it. I will handle it."

"Yes, like you did last time. Evan I don't want her hurting you anymore." Me hurting him? It was she who hurt him for her so-called love.

"Can we not talk about it?" Evan's voice sounded like he was on the edge .

"But -"

"Please Kate." Evan's firm voice cut her argument.

"Okay , just know that-" She cut herself off as I knocked on the door and entered. I felt her eyes on me as I walked to Evan's desk.

"Braelyn, won't you greet? We met after so long." I didn't answer her. Keeping my mouth shut, I kept the file on Evan's desk.

"The report you had last day asked for." He nodded once in acknowledgement.

"Fair enough! You're ignoring me but I have one question to ask."

"Kate." Evan called in a warning tone.

"What ? I just wanted to know why she is working here. I mean, she has her 'rich boyfriend' and she still works for you. Why?" I saw Evan clicking his tongue in annoyance before looking away. Whatever self control I had was worn out.

"Ms. Katherine, I had provided my credentials, passed the interview and got the job with my own merits and that's why I'm working here. If you have any other questions, you can gladly shut your mouth." I paused and took a step towards her when my eyes were at the level of her's.

"Because you... are the bloody last person on Earth to whom I'm going to explain my fucking life." I couldn't let out a fraction of the rage I was feeling inside through those words. I wanted to tear her apart for reappearing and behaving like nothing had ever happened after she separated us.

"You aren't supposed to talk like this to my guest, Ms. Taylor." I snapped my head towards him in an instant.

"You're guest isn't supposed to show interest in my personal life, Mr. Lewis." I spoke looking directly into his eyes. He thrusted his hands and matched my gaze. I was feeling my anger rise with every second. Turning away I took a deep breath to calm myself.

"With your permission, I would leave." He nodded and I quickly strode out.


I was sending all the invites for the company's annual function through mails when the door to my cabin opened. I raised my head to see Kate coming in which immediately piqued me.

"I didn't ask you to enter." I had never been this harsh to anyone in my entire life but everything about her annoyed me to no extent.

"Oh Brae! Don't be so rude. I came to talk to you." She faked an innocent look.

"Well whatever you have to say doesn't interest me and this is the most polite I will ever be to you." I spat those words.

"I would think twice before speaking like that if I were you." I slammed my pen on the desk before getting up.

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