Chapter- 23

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Braelyn's POV

Seeing him here was the last of my expectations. From the moment we entered the club, I could feel someone's gaze on me. When my eyes met with Evan, I for a second thought that I was imagining things.

Looking around I saw most of the girl's eyes on him and Ryan, well of course they were indeed sights to look at but the jealousy in me wasn't letting me think rationally.

We ordered tequila sunrise shots. I gulped one down and closed my eyes at the burning sensation.
Looking back at Evan, I saw a girl standing beside him. She was touching his hand with her long fingers and the most irritating part was that he wasn't stopping her. He was looking at her while she kept flirtatiously smiling at him.

I gritted my teeth in annoyance. How I wanted to pull her eyes out of her socket for winking at him. I downed shots after shots trying to chase away the burning feeling in my heart.

"Slow down, Sis." Bri's cautious voice rang in my ears but the jealousy wasn't letting me be sane.

"Yo Bitch! That's the spirit. Why slow down? We came to let loose. " Cora excitedly said.

"We came to relax ." Austin argued.

"That's the same thing." They kept bickering while I zoned them out , lost in my thoughts of one person. This time when I looked at him, he was staring at me completely ignoring the flirty bitch but his stare wasn't as intense as it was moments before.


"You look really hot Brae! If I weren't straight I would have surely banged that ass." I laughed at Cora's words, the alcohol kicking in.

"You think I am hot?" I asked dramatically, putting a hand on my heart.

"Huh huh." She nodded big.

"Well you think damn right." We giggled at that. I felt like I was on cloud nine, free from all the stress. As I was about to grab another glass, Bri pushed it away.

"No more." I furrowed my eyebrows at her.

"You know I am the elder one. I don't have to listen to you." I smiled smugly as if I won the biggest argument.

"Well you have to. No more drinks tonight." I pouted, feeling sad and emotional that not even my own sister listened to me. I really was drunk!
In an attempt to steal a glance of Evan, my eyes directly met his that were looking straight at me. It felt like I had lost the will to look away.

"Dance? It's our favourite song." I broke my eye contact with Evan to look at Cora who tugging at my hand.

"Let's dance." I cheered, making our way to the dance floor. Pushing our way past the sweaty bodies we got to an empty space and started dancing. I closed my eyes , swaying my hips freely to the rhythm of the music. A blonde guy, about six feet tall with fairly handsome features approached me for a dance. Cora raised her hands in a thumbs-up before getting busy dancing with some guy.

I knew Evan was looking at me but I couldn't care less. I could dance with whoever I wanted to just like he could flirt with the woman of his choice. I turned back so that my back was facing the guy while we danced to the song. His hands were placed on my hips.

Suddenly his body was pulled away and a different pair of hands came around my waist from my back and weirdly I didn't feel scared or violated in his hold. Cora was too busy dancing with some guy to look at me. I leaned against the muscular chest behind me, a familiar cologne filling my nostrils. His hands roamed around my waist, feeling everywhere. His touch seemed unduly familiar but I couldn't pinpoint who. I was too drunk to think hard and danced without a care of who that man was but strangely I felt safe in his arms. I started grinding my hips against him, causing him to let out a soft groan.

"Did you know it was me?" The man's voice rang out. Evan. This was why I wasn't getting those creepy vibes.

"No." As soon as I answered, he spun me around and pulled me close to the extent that his hard-on was pressed against me. I shivered at the feeling.

"So you would have danced like that with any random guy?" He rasped out. When I looked back, his prominent jawline was the first thing that came to my mind.

"Maybe." It wasn't true though. I doubt I would have felt this comfortable if it was anyone else other than Evan. My response caused his hands around my waist to tighten. He inhaled and exhaled deeply trying to keep his anger in check.

Bringing his head forth he planted a kiss on my collarbone. That single kiss felt so deep, so intimate yet strangely comfortable. His lips moved up my neck leaving behind a trail of soft kisses. I closed my eyes in response , tilting my head to give him more access.

"Nobody but me touches you." He whispered in his husky dominant voice before kissing my earlobe. A faint moan escaped my mouth which seemingly encouraged him as at the very next moment his lips came crashing down on mine.

I gripped his hair while he held me securely. The kiss wasn't a sweet gentle one but passionate and lustful. Our lips moved aggressively against each other as if we would be pulled away any moment and we had to make the most of the opportunity. He tugged at my lips with his teeth and I grasped lightly. Taking the chance , he thrusted his tongue inside my mouth which I gladly welcomed. Our tongues collided in a fierce battle of domination , me finally surrendering. He tasted every corner of my mouth before we parted to catch breath.

My hands were still in his hair and he was possessively  holding me close to him. Our gazes were intently fixed at each other while our breaths came out in pants.

"Why don't you tell me the truth , Bella?" His voice wasn't irritated or angry. Instead he looked lost.

"I can't." I panted out

"Why Brae? Do you know how much it hurts to stay away from you?" I came closer and rested my forehead against his.

"I know. I am hurting too." Our breaths mingled with each other.

"Then tell me everything. We will start again and be happy. Why don't you put an end to our sufferings?" He rubbed the pad of his thumb on my cheek. There was so much hope in his eyes like he could see a faint light in a dark tunnel.

"I want to. I want to be happy with you but I can't throw my sister away." This feeling of helplessness was consuming me. I wanted to run away from every responsibility that was separating me from him but Bri. I couldn't have traded her life for the world.

"What ?" He sounded confused, causing me to gently shake my head with a sad smile.

"You won't understand." I placed a kiss just below his Adam's  apple. I felt him shiver. He gripped my neck tightly.

"We need to get out of here." He let out the words breathlessly before pulling me out by my arms.

" He let out the words breathlessly before pulling me out by my arms

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