Chapter - 04

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Braelyn's POV

"Braelyn , Mr. Lewis had called you in his office." I snapped my head up to look at Sasha .

" Mr. Lewis ? Why ?" The expression of pure horror was evident in my face judging the words she said next.

" Why are you looking like that? I am sure he had his meal and won't eat you up unless you hurry up. I bet I wouldn't see any other girl so horrified at the mention of his name." She walked away mumbling the last part to herself. Obviously, any girl would be delighted at the name of the handsome Evan Lewis but it wasn't so easy for me.

After having a small prep talk with myself, I got up to go to his cabin.
When in front of his cabin , I could feel my hands getting sweaty. With a lot of self-convincing, I knocked on the door.

" Come in." I heard his gruff voice. Twisting the knob, I walked in. He was looking at his laptop screen without even bothering to look up.

" Sir, you called for me?" I asked in a soft voice but he still didn't acknowledge me. I knew he was intentionally doing it.

" Sir." I raised my voice a bit more. He finally looked up.

" Ah! Ms. Taylor, please take a seat." Avoiding the taunting tone in his voice , I took small steps towards his desk.

" I don't have all the time in the world for you. Walk fast." I flinched at his sudden rise in voice . Walking hurriedly, I took a seat.

He leaned back on his chair , keeping his eyes fixed on me. He didn't even say anything and just kept staring. I felt intimidated under his heated stare and squirmed in my seat.

" Sir ?" He suddenly put  his arms on the desk and pushed his upper body forward against it.

" Ms. Taylor, are you married ?" I was shocked as I clearly didn't expect such a question.

" No." The word automatically flew out of my mouth. He raised a brow at me.

" No ? Why ? Was it your rich boyfriend this time who left you at the altar?" I inhaled sharply, feeling the bitterness of the words.

" Or is it again you ? Did you find someone even richer , Ms. Taylor?" He was mocking me.  I blinked away the tears accepting the pain his words had to offer. His face was expressionless but anger and heart shone in his eyes. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I opened my mouth to speak.

" Mr. Lewis , I would request you to ask questions related to my job only." I protested which apparently fell to deaf ears. He stood up and walked round his table to stop in front of me.

" If I tell you that right now I am among the top ten richest men in the world, will you come running back to me?" He bent down holding the arms of the chair and looking straight into my eyes, his minty breath hitting my face.

"M-Mr. Lewis." I stuttered as I felt my heart thumping out of anxiety. The close proximity wasn't helping either. I pushed myself back against the chair as much as possible.

" Tell me , will you make fake confessions of love, marry me , take fake vows of love ? Will you , Ms. Taylor?" Clenching my eyes shut , I let a few drops leave my eyes. The blazing anger in his eyes , the accusations against me in them was too much to bear for me. It literally hurt to look into his eyes that were burning with hatred.

" Here we go! Fake tears now . Pathetic!" He moved away and spat with so much disgust that more tears made their way out. I quickly wiped away the tears and stood up to leave.

" Did I say you could leave?" I halted in my steps . Taking a deep breath, I turned back.

" I had asked Sasha to give me the names of some efficient employees . She has given me your file and I must say I am pretty impressed. "

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