Chapter- 41

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Braelyn's POV

"We are going to the beach?" I half questioned once I saw the direction the car was headed in. Besides, wearing casual and all just makes all the more sense.

"Yep." He glanced at me once. Beach had always been my favourite and he remembered it.

"I can totally kiss you right now." I blurted out with an excited grin.

"Mmm sounds tempting. Should I pull the car over?" Though his voice was playful I didn't for a second doubt that he could actually do it.

"No. Drive." He chuckled at my instant answer.

"No way!" I muttered once I looked in front, completely stopping in my steps. Bri and Ryan were there but the surprising part was that all our highschool friends were standing there in person.

"Happy Birthday, Brae!" They all shouted in unison.

"Oh my God! Thank you!" I felt like I could literally burst out of excitement. Quickly spinning around, my eyes found Evan's face. With his hands tucked away in his pockets, he stood there grinning at me.

"I can't believe this! You got everyone here."

"It's your birthday." I could literally melt at the smile that his face held. I kissed his cheek and felt his smile grow.

"Do I get a kiss too for dragging my ass down here?" On turning around I saw Ace puckering his lips playfully. I chuckled before hugging him. He was always the goofball and out of all of Evan's friends, he was the one I was closest to.

"It's been so long." I said looking at everyone there.

"Come on, the cake's waiting!" Bri shouted.

"Tell me you're thinking the same as me." I said as we danced to the music. Evan's eyes followed my line of vision and landed on Bri and Ryan.

"That they wanna kiss each other like there's no tomorrow? Yup." I heard Evan as I kept watching them staring at each other with a distance of some miles. I forced my eyes away from his face and focussed on Evan's face.

"How can they just not look through each other?" He shrugged at my question.

"Well Ryan thinks it's just a mere attraction that he feels towards Brielle but that's some real bullshit." I was quiet for a second before I chuckled at my own thoughts, earning a raised brow from Evan.

"My cupid mind just thought of bringing in some guy to make him jealous, you know the classic stunt." He thought it over before chuckling.

"Could be helpful, you never know." I hummed in response before I remembered something.

"You know you missed two people."

"Austin and Cora?" I nodded.

"Nah! Austin said he will be busy and Cora's grandmother is not doing well and she needs to take care of her. She said she is going to make it up to you." I shook my head, guilty for not knowing about her grandmother's condition.

"It's not her who needs to make it up. I haven't called her in a while and I am learning about her grandmother just now. I have been a terrible friend." I heard him sigh before he pushed my chin up with two of his fingers.

"You look tired." I lazily close and reopen my eyes.

"I'm tired, in a good way." He longingly stared at me which had my insides melting before.

"Go and get a drink." I smiled and nodded before pecking his lips lightly. I made my way back to where the cocktails were. Ryan was standing there, sipping on his drink.

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