Chapter 5

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Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.
Dr.Green gestures for Cam and I to enter the room. "Alright Sang you and your brother can sit in those chairs." He says while pointing to two chairs in front of a large desk, which happens to be where Mr.Grey eyes is sitting. I nod and begin to walk over when I feel something tugging my shirt. I turn around to see Cameron staring at Mr.Grey eyes with wide eyes and a scared expression on his face. I walk back over and lean down so that I am eye level with him.
"Hey buddy what's wrong?" I ask in a soft whisper tone.
His eyes begin to well up with tears and he whispers back," He looks scary, and my head is hurting sissy." At that moment my heart shatters. I couldn't protect him at a school. With over a 100 kids around I couldn't protect him from one single man. What is wrong with me? I see the stress wasn't good for his headache either. I really need to think more.

I push my feelings away and plaster a fake smile on my face and begin whispering softly to Cameron." Buddy I bet he is really nice. Remember how we can never judge someone by the way they look on the outside?" I ask and he nods."Well then we can't judge him, right? He nods once more and is worried looks goes away but he still looks in pain. "How about we go sit down and you can sit in my lap while I talk with them? Ill even give you a head massage to help with your headache."

          This seems to work because he smiles and lifts his arms in a motion meaning he wants to be picked up. I stand up and pick him up. He accidentally kicks my ribs though and I can feel my eyes start to water and I have to push down a whimper.

I turn back around, making sure to plaster a blank look on my face that nobody could get past. I have a feeling these men will be dangerous to my emotions. When I look up I see that Mr.Grey eyes has thankfully softened his stare. When I look over to Dr.Green he is smiling ear to ear at me and I can feel myself blush a dark red.

He just chuckles then starts introducing himself and Mr.Grey eyes."As you know I am Dr.Green and this brooding man over here is-"

He is cut off by Grey eyes himself."I can introduce myself Sean." He redirects his stare to me then continues speaking. "Hello I am Mr.Blackbourne. It is a pleasure to meet you Miss..." He trails off looking at me with a questioning look.
"Sorenson. Sang Sorenson. This is Cameron, my little brother." I say while nodding towards the boy in my arms.
His gaze flickers over to Cameron and I see a hint of...happiness in his eyes. No that can't possibly be right. He nods and then gestures for me to sit. I walk over and sit down. I reposition Cameron in my lap and he snuggles into me more than he already was. I start stroking his hair then look back up to the men in front of me.

They are both staring at me with an unreadable  expression on their faces. I start to feel uncomfortable under the scrutiny of their stare and shrink down into my seat as far as I can, without shifting Cameron. Dr.Green seems to recognize my discomfort because he starts talking to me about my schedule. "Now what classes were you thinking about taking."

I start fiddling with my shirt and suddenly get nervous. I know I want to take AP classes but will I seem too demanding? Will he regret helping me? I come out of my inner turmoil and put in my best blank mask I own and use the bravest voice I can muster up. "I was wanting to take all AP classes this year. Regular classes always seem to be a little bit...easy. Of course they are amazing classes but I don't benefit from them as much. I have the grades to back me up as well if you need to see them."
Dr.Green and Mr.Blackbourne simply not at me, then Dr.Green goes on to tell me he trusts that I can keep up with the work. Mr.Blackbourne voices his agreement. I can't help but let my mask slip and give them a full blown smile. This is exactly what I need.

I stop smiling when I realize they are both staring at me. What was I thinking? My smile is disgusting and I had the audacity to show it. I scold myself internally and put the best blank face mask on. Better than any other ones I have ever done. Dr.Greens eyes seem to sadden while Mr.Blackbourne stay as stoic as ever.
"Sang would you mind if I put you in Japanese as your foreign language class?" Dr. Green asks.
Since I already know that language I decide to have a little fun."さて、グリーン博士私はすでにかなりの日本語を知っていますが、復習コースが傷つくことはないと思います。"
(Well Dr.Green I already know Japanese, but I suppose a refresher course could never hurt.) When I finish speaking the huge grin is back on his face and I can't help but smirk at him.

"Very impressive Sang. What do you think about taking a music class?" I think for a second before responding.

"I would be happy to take one. I can play the piano and violin. I also sing a little bit, but that is it."

We finish sorting everything out when Cameron lets out a yawn. Mr.Blackbourne notices because he starts talking to Cam.
"What are you doing for the rest of the day?" He asks. Cameron seems to perk up immediately and starts rambling about how he is going to play football outside with me.

Then he gasps and looks to me with a smile on his face. "I forgot to tell you the best part of my day! This morning when sissy woke us up she had homemade French toast waiting for breakfast. We also had fruit and she cut all of the pieces into stars for me, and hearts for Lily. She is our other sister. I was holding 2 stars up to my eyes and Sang stole one of mine and ate it though." He finishes off with a pout. I can feel the blush spreading up my cheeks, and despite my gut telling me not to I risk a glance up towards Mr.Blackbourne. His lips are tipped up and he is giving me a millimeter of a smile. God his smile is beautiful. It feels like my heart has been shot out of my chest.

"Well I really should go and thank you again for saving me from Mr.McCoy."

"Don't worry about it. If Owen or I can help you in any way please don't hesitate to ask." I nod and tell Cameron to say goodbye, which he does reluctantly. As we leave I can't help but think that maybe this school year won't be as bad as I had thought.

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