Chapter 24

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Sometimes all you can do is lie in bed and hope you fall asleep before you fall apart.
(Once they get home after the mall)
Sang's POV:
All throughout the car ride I was showered in praises and told how amazing I was. I didn't necessarily believe all of it, but it felt really good to hear.

The car pulls into my driveway and before I can even think of getting out myself, Luke is there and opening the door for me. "Here you go m'lady!" He says as he fake bows.

"Thank you kind sir." I fake curtesy and he gets a full blown grin on his face. When I rise up he kisses my hand and then my forehead and before I can say or do anything he is pulling me towards he door.

I swear I can almost hear the grumbles of Gabe saying, "I should have done that." And Victor saying that he is a show off.

Once we make it onto the porch I quickly fish my keys out of my pocket and open the door to the house. I take one step in and I am instantly being tackled by Cameron. He pushed me over and I begin falling before I am swooped up by Victor and Gabe grabs Cameron.

I am about to scold Cameron when Kota pipes up. "Cameron you can't do that. She is almost as small as you." I can feel my jaw drop as the others snicker in response.

"I am not as small as him!" I playfully glare at Kota and all he does is point at me. It is then I remember Victor is holding me, and I looks down. He is holding me up with one arm. I blush and begin to wiggle to get out of his grasp while Cameron bursts out laughing.

As I am wiggling Victor makes what sounds like a pained groan and I instantly stop and look at him. "Are you okay? Am I hurting you?" I ask him and he gives me a strained smile and there is a light blush on his cheeks.

"No princess I'm alright. Let me set you down." I nod at his requests and he gently lets go of me. By now Kota, Silas, and North have all entered the room as well. I turn back around to Victor and he has his hands crossed in front of his waist and his handsome face is an even darker red than before. "Alright princess I have something to take care of and i have to go but thank you for today. I'll see you tomorrow okay?" I nod at him, and tell him thank you. As soon as I do he is practically running out the door and everybody begins laughing so hard while Cameron and I stand there confused. Even North and Kota are doubled over laughing.

"Did I do something wrong?" I ask and once again everybody begins laughing. I huff slightly and grab Cameron and make my way upstairs to where I assume Lily is. I make it to her room and she is completely knocked out and even snoring.

"Today was really fun sissy. We watched movies and North even let us make cookies after I gave him the puppy dog eyes. Kota taught me stuff about his computer and Silas taught me some Greek. They played football with me and colored with Lily. I like them. Will they stay? Can they keep coming over?" Cameron questions as he comes over and hugs my waist.

I push my fingers into his hair and gently begin playing with the strands. "I hope so." I tell him honestly and he looks up at me and smiles while I look down at him and kiss his forehead.

"Of course we will." Gabe's voice floats through the room and Cameron and I both jump. "Cameron the cookies have cooled why don't you go eat some with the others while I get your sister ready to give us a fashion show. This makes Cameron smile morph into a grin and he is bounding down the stairs faster than I can tell him not to run.

Gabe comes over and gently pulls me into the bathroom where there are clothes and a bucket of hair styling products. "Where did this come from?" I question and Gabe bops me on the nose.

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