Chapter 31

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You have always been good enough. The right people just haven't been around to show you that.
Sang's POV:
Gym was awful. I wasn't able to be around Gabe or Nathan the whole time. I was stuck in between 2 groups of girls. I don't have an issue with girls but sometimes when I am near a ton of them it feels like I can't breathe. It is like every time someone touches me I feel like it is my mother.

After gym I get dressed and walk out of the girls dressing room to find only Nathan leaning against the wall waiting for me. "Sorry you only get to hang out with me today. The rest of them have to do things for our...job. The rest of this week will be that way. I don't know if any of us will be able to be there tomorrow though." Nathan rambles and I simply shrug my shoulders.

'That is alright with me. Your jobs are important. I get that." I smile and a little of the tension drains from him but here is still some there.

"Are you sure you are okay it just being us though? We haven't really had the chance for it to be just us and all." Nathan asks nervously and its clear he is being vulnerable with me right now.

"Of course. I wanted to get to know you more anyways. Perfect chance. As long as you don't mind Cameron and Lily. I also have to do some laundry and a little cleaning." I sigh and he laughs.

"Not at all."
Nathan's POV:
I finally get alone time with her. I won't lie and say I wasn't excited because I was ecstatic.

We are walking down the sidewalk to get to the daycare and we have just talked about random things. I expected it to be at least a little bit awkward since we had never been alone before, but it was all coming to us naturally.

She told me a few stories about weird things Cameron or Lily have done and at one point I snort because of how funny it is.

Once we reach the daycare/school place, Sang walks in and gets the kids.
Five minutes later she walks out while snuggling Lily with one arm and holding Camerons hand with the other. I am pretty sure if she could then she would be carrying him too.

Once Sang reaches me Lily is pushing her arms toward me and I can't help but smile. Sang is a complete blessing but these kids are like the icing on the cake.

I gently take Lily from Sang's arms and adjust her to where she is laying her head against my chest. As we walk back to the house Cameron is much more quiet than what he normally is, and Sang notices.

"So Cam how was your day?" Sang prompts and for once Cameron shrugs his shoulders.

"It was fine." He mumbles and I think Sang is just as shocked as I am because her eyebrows shoot up.

"Well did you learn anything cool?"


The concern on her face becomes much clearer and I can feel myself growing worried as well.

"What about books? Or did they serve chicken nuggets for lunch? How was practice for the play?" Sang fires off and Cameron huffs then turns to look up at her.

"There were no books, no chicken nuggets and practice was fine." Cameron huffs again and then breaks out into a sprint down the sidewalk towards her house. Sang's mouth drops open and I think mine is about to as well.

"Im sure he is okay. I did this when I was a kid. It is probably just a phase of him growing up." I try to reassure her and she nods but her shoulders don't relax any.

Once we make it to the front door and Sang opens it Cameron runs to the kitchen, grabs food then runs straight upstairs. The concern on Sang's face grows but she tries to shrug it off as if it is nothing.

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