Chapter 39

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Today my forest is dark. The trees are sad and all of the butterflies have broken wings.
Sang's POV:
Phil answers the phone wearily. "Hello." He must be as nervous as I am right now. I have no clue what he told Owen but I don't want them to come back from helping people because of an accident.

"What happened?" Owen asks and his tone is calm, but his words are fast.

"First of all I would like for Sang to say hello so that you all know she is safe and sound." Phil grumbles like it is a joke, but I wouldn't say it is far from the truth.

All of the Toma team chuckle a little but nod their heads in agreement.

"Hi!" I say from across the room cautiousally.

"Hi Sang baby!"
"Agelle mou, how are you?"
"My peanut!"
"Hey sweetie."

"Cupcake!" Luke yells loudly into the phone. Right after there is a vague thud. "Ow North, don't hit me." There is a small grunt but no verbal response from North.

I smile and giggle slightly at that.

"Hi Trouble. You better be taking care of your hair. I fucking miss you and as soon as I get back were cuddling. I'm sick of these fuckers." Gabriel demands and I blush slightly at the cuddling part. I feel like my cheeks are just constantly red.

"Pookie! Do you see what I have to deal with?" Sean cries dramatically. Phil sighs and shakes his head, but he has a small smile creeping onto his face.

"I hate to interrupt the reunion, but we have things to do. May I please know what happened?" Owen says impatiently and I begin to feel bad. They are probably really busy and I am interrupting them with nonsense.

I begin to step forward and say that, but Axel catches my eye. He shakes his head slightly. How did he know what I was thinking? I step back and take my place against the counter once again.

Axel has an odd expression as he steps towards the phone. "We had stopped by your house to drop off some paperwork. When we came in we saw Sang. Long story short we were messing around and didn't know she was hurt. Raven want to playfully throw her over his shoulder, and she blacked out from pain." Axel explains and for a second there is dead silence before a range of outburst.

"Why the hell were you throwing her over your shoulder crow?" North full out barks into the phone.

"Fucking hell. Trouble really does find you everywhere you go, doesn't it?" Gabe muses almost to himself.

"Sweetie are you okay?" Kota asks and the concern seeping out of his voice makes my heart feel funny.

"How is she from a doctors standpoint?" Sean asks but I hear worry in his tone as well. I am sure the others would have been yelling something, but Phil cuts them off.

"Sang is okay. She ripped her stitches and I re did them. The Toma team has been here taking care of her, although she is reluctant to accept." Phil sends me a look and if he didn't smile I would think he were genuinely upset.

"Pookie needs plenty of rest. No lifting heavy things. Axel can you all stay for another night? We should be back tonight, but just in case we aren't. Even if we do get back you all can stay the night or a few more if you need." Sean asks without even asking me. I would be mad if it weren't what I secretely wanted, but they have their own lives to get back to.

I expect for something similar to that to be Axel's response, but once again I am shocked. "Of course. Do you mind if we borrow clothes?"

My mouth drops open. Uncle looks at me and his body begins shaking in quiet laughter. He smiles up at me while I am just confused. "That is fine. There are clothes of different sizes in the closet by Owens room. Help yourselves."

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