Chapter 19

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Let it hurt, until it can't possibly hurt anymore.
So moving forward I want to put out a warning. The chapters throughout the rest of the story could contain triggering subjects and I am warning you now. I figure it would be easier to do this. Thank you!
Sang's POV:
I begin to walk upstairs when the doorbell rings. I change my direction and head towards the front door. When I open the door all 8 of the boys are standing there and I quickly begin to explain why they can't be here. "Hi uhm I am really sorry but you all shouldn't be here. Cameron has the stomach bug and has been throwing up. I don't want you all to get it as well. I tried to tell Dr.Green that but he just waved me off. Me and Lily will probably get sick as well and I don't want you all too." I expect them to turn around and walk away, or force Dr.Green out. I was not expecting Luke to glide past me and head into the house like nothing. Gabe follows after that, and then Victor. Soon enough everybody but Mr.Blackbourne has entered the sick infested house and my jaw has dropped open.

"Miss. Sorenson you will soon learn that when somebody is family, we never leave them alone.  Don't worry about us getting sick. We never do." Mr.Blackbourne says and then easily glides past me as well.

I shut the door and head up the stairs to grab Lily. I pick her up in my arms and she is yet to wake. I pass Camerons room. "Sang! Can I go downstairs to eat?" He asks and gives me puppy dog eyes that I can't possibly deny.

"Sure but I want you to go sit right on the couch. Understand?" I ask in a serious tone. He nods and then makes hands like he wants to be picked up. How is it that he can be so needy when he is sick?

I have each kid on a hip and each step I take, my body protests. By the time I make it downstairs it hurts so bad I am afraid I might drop Cameron. I hurriedly set Cameron down on the couch and then head towards the kitchen so that I can get Lily off of my cuts.

When I walk into the kitchen the boys are all in there joking around and the only two people who notice my distress are Dr.Green and Mr.Blackbourne. Mr.Blackbourne's eyes narrow and Dr.Green furrows his eyebrows.

"Pookie are you alright?" He asks.

"Yeah just a little sore." I say and all heads turn to me.

"Doc why is she sore? We still don't know what happened yesterday." Kota pipes in.

"Ahh yes. That is the reason I am so glad you are all here. Pookie only got two hours of sleep last night. Cameron had woken up sick, and woke her up. Instead of waking me up she somehow snuck out of my grip and ended up staying with him on the bathroom floor for five hours. She had the shower running so that steam would build up and help him breath. Anyways and then she was being so stubborn and still won't accept my help so I need your alls help to force her." Dr.Green rushes out while smirking at me.

I narrow my eyes in return as all eyes turn to me. Most of the boys look concerned, but some look angry. "Princess why didn't you wake Dr.Green? Yesterday you were in a lot of pain from whatever happened and sitting on the bathroom floor couldn't have been good for you." Victor says with nothing but concern in his eyes.

"I know but I didn't think it was a big deal." I mumble.

"That's it! It is take-care-of-Sang-day!" Luke announces and all of the boys nod their heads in agreement and my eyes widen.

"What does that mean?" I ask and Gabe is the first to answer me. "Well trouble your probably gonna get sick too. So if you throw up one of us will be there holding your hair back. You want food? We'll get it. Want a drink? Just ask. We are gonna force you to sleep, relax, and tell us about yesterday." He says as if it is nothing.

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