Chapter 37

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Some hurts are so big that you would rather hide for the rest of your life, than get hurt again.
Axel's POV:
Raven holds Sang against him as we all stare in shock. Brandon is the first one to come out of the trance. He gently grabs Sang from Raven's arms and Raven lets him with no arguments. He seems to be frozen and the look on his face is...fear?

"Axel! Call Phil!" Brandon barks and that seems to bring everybody back into focus. I quickly grab my phone and dial the number I know by heart.

"Hello. This is Phil Roberts." He picks up.

"Phil it's Axel. I am over at Owen and Seans house. I need you here immediately." I ramble as my mouth struggles to keep up with my brain.

"Okay I will be there. Uncle is with me as well. We are ten minutes away. Is it one of the boys?" He asks with concern completely taking over his voice.

I take a second to look at Sang before I answer. Her skin is pale. She looks so small when she is held in Brandons arms and my heart begins to beat faster. Marc and Corey are surrounding Brandon while Raven is standing back looking lost.

"No. It is a girl her name is-" I speak but he interrupts me before I can finish.

"Sang?" He asks and confusion hits me but I ignore how he could know her and answer him with a 'yes.'

"Shit! Phil drive faster!" I hear uncle shout.

"Listen to me Axel. Take her to a bedroom and lay her down on her stomach. Not her back. Do you understand?" He asks and I don't answer him, I just start ordering.

"Brandon, take her to a bedroom and lay her on her stomach. Corey, take Lily and put her with Cameron. Try not to wake him up and she might go to sleep." I order and they all jump into action. I don't know why my heart feels like it will come out of my chest. This is the type of things we are trained for. What is happening?

Brandon brings Sang into a guest bedroom and Marc, Raven, Brandon and I all crowd the room. Corey has gone and put Lily in a room with Cameron. He comes back in and his eyes are wide with panic. Brandon brings her over to the bed and gently flips her over, and we all gasp.

"What is it Axel?" Phil demands.

"Blood. All over the back of her shirt." I state but it isn't clear like my voice normally is as a leader. Right now my voice is shaky and showing every single emotion I am experiencing.

"Her stitches ripped." I hear uncle murmur.

"What do you mean stitches?" Marc whispers as he stares at the small body in front of him being swallowed by the large bed.

The phone call ends and I am about to call Phil back when I hear the sound of the front door being unlocked. Seconds later, Phil and Uncle come rushing into the room. They both completely ignore us and run straight to Sang. "You need to leave. I will call you back in when were done." Phil states but Corey is surprisingly the one shaking his head.

"No. We want to be here." He argues and Uncle begins to open his mouth but Phil stops him.

"It's fine. She's our focus. If you boys get in our way or start losing it we will kick you out of the room and this house." Phil commands and all five of us step back against the wall.

I stand in the corner while Brandon stands on one side of me and Marc on the other. Raven stands beside Marc and Corey stand right in front of Raven. Raven pulls Corey back into his chest and it seems he comes back to himself in the slightest.

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