Chapter 28 (A report)

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(After the boys left Sang's house and walk over to Nathans)
Third Person POV:

"Gentlemen. We are here tonight to discuss the matters of becoming one team." Owen states in a professional tone even though his mind continues to drift to Sang.

"That is right. We have had time to see how our team acts together and now it would be best to vote." Axel Toma adds on in the same tone as Owen.

"Does anybody have any concerns as far as the joining of our teams go?" Owen asks and Corey instantly raises his hand.

"What will we do about dividing jobs?"

"Everybody will have the same job. Owen and I will share team lead."Axel answers and Corey sinks back down into Ravens arms.

Raven tightens his arm around him and pulls him back so he is nestled deeper into him, like he wanted to do with Sang.

None of the other men speak up so Owen asks if the men are willing and if they will obey.

A chorus of "I am willing and I will obey," Go around the large living room.

"It is established. We are now the Blackbourne-Toma team. The Toma team will join us down here soon after they finish up their mission in Georgia." Sean informs everybody and content nods go around the room.

"Does anybody have anything else to add?'' Axel asks and this time it is Victor who perks up.

"I did the research on Sang and what I found was...odd." Victor says and this causes an outburst from the men.

"You got Victor to look up Sang baby? What the hell?"North bellows and Kota jumps slightly.

"Why did you get my little kitten looked over?" Raven asks and Corey smiles gently at him.

"Looked up, not over." Corey chastises slightly but Raven simply grins.

"Same thing."

"Why the fuck did trouble need to be looked up?'" Gabriel yells while fixing his hair in a mirror.

"Gentlemen if you will listen please. I had Mr.Morgan do research to see if there is anything we do not know. That is it." Owen says honestly and breaths are let out across the room. "Now what did you find."

"Well she is a ghost." Victor announces and the breaths that were just let out get sucked back in.

"So that means..." Marc questions and for once, Owen is shocked.

"It means she has no identity. No birth certificate, no medical records. Nothing."

"Shit. What the hell do we do? The academy will want her. She's worth a lot in academy eyes." Nathan curses but is left with no answer.

"I believe it is best we tell her about the academy. I don't think keeping things from her is a good idea." Owen decides and nods of agreement go around.

"I have a question." Brandon the oldest Henshaw brother states. "Where are her parents? Are they okay with her having 14 guys in her house today? She seems like she gets along with her siblings very well. That isn't a common thing to see."

"That is not our complete business to tell. All I can say is she only has her mother, and her a lot." Owen decides it is best to leave it at that.

"We respect that. Is she okay? No danger?" Axel asks wanting to make sure the beautiful girl is in no way harmed or in danger.

"We are working on it." Owen answers and that makes the five men tense, but they do not say anything.

"She is a very beautiful girl." Brandon states and like a spell, the mean all seem to calm down.

"My pookie is beautiful." Sean grins and once again others nod their heads in agreement.

"I got a message and my team will have to be gone Friday and most of Saturday." Owen states and groans go around the room. None of them want to leave Sang.

"Don't worry we will take care of her while you are gone." Raven says wiggling his eyes suggestively, receiving death glares from North.

"If she needs anything we can help." Axel says in a professional tone but he can't help but feel the same ways.

"Good. This meeting is dismissed gentlemen."

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