Chapter 34

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If you have been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to other beings then you're a badass with a heart of an angel.
Sang's POV:
My eyes begin to crack open slowly. It feels like there is a ten pound weight holding down each eye lid. The light slowly comes into the view and so does the sounds of water pounding down onto me and the walls.

The events of before I blacked out begin throwing themselves at me and before I can help it I begin heaving. Nothing comes out because right now there is absolutely nothing in my stomach.

The shower water is still pounding down on me and my heart is racing so fast it feels like it might come out of my chest. I don't like showers, but I need to push my feelings aside. They aren't important right now. Lily and Cameron are.

I begin pulling my arms and the rope cuts even deeper into my skin than it had before. The bathtub is slippery and I somehow have to get out but I will lose too much blood if I keep cutting my wrists with the rope.

I lean backwards and the stool rocks back and forth slightly. The tiniest movement, but enough to give me an idea. I slowly begin to rock side from side and every time I do I can feel the skin on my back stretching.

Eventually I have gained enough momentum that I rock to the side one more time, then tip over and fall over the side of the bathtub. The wet wood cracks and breaks into several places allowing me to disentangle myself from the ropes. Pain is shooting through my body from being bent for so long.

Once all of the ropes are off of my body I slowly stand up and look in the mirror. As I do my bones crack and my whole body feels tingly from the lack of circulation I experienced. When my eyes finally travel to look in the mirror I can't help the gasp that I let out.

My skin is a bright red color and my eyes are completely bloodshot. I have a nasty bump on my head and quite honestly I look disgusting. My hair is knotted and I think it would take an army to get the knots out.

I have no clue what time it is but I reach across the sink and grab a hair tie then lift my arms to put my arm up. It is like a thousand needles are being stabbed into my muscles and it takes everything I have not to collapse from the pain.

I am so tired.

I hobble out of the bathroom and walk towards Cameron room. I have no clue if my mother is still home but I have to get Cameron and Lily out of the house. I have to.

When I make it to Camerons room a grab the spare key hidden by the door and unlock it. He is still fast asleep and when I look at the clock on his bedside table it is just the right time to get up. I walk incredibly slowly over to his bed and gently shake him.

His beautiful eyes pop open but they widen when they see me. His lip begins trembling and before a tear can slip out of his eye I gently reassure him. "Cameron buddy I am okay. I promise. I just had a little accident but I am okay. Can you do me a favor please?" I soothe him calmly and he nods his head and gets alert. "Okay. I need you to go get clothes from your closet and get dressed. Then I need you to run really fast and get clothes for Lily." I tell him and he nods while clearly going over it in his head.

Cameron nods then runs to do exactly as I said. Five minutes later he is back in this room and handing me clothes. "Okay now go put your shoes on." I tell him and like the amazing brother he is, he doesn't even question me.

I quickly dress Lily while ignoring the pain I feel. Once they are both ready I stand up from the bed and do the odd wobble walk that I am being accustomed to doing.

We make it downstairs and it takes me almost ten minutes to do it, but while I am doing that Cameron begins packing his and Lily's lunch. "Cameron is it okay if you take the bus to daycare today?" I ask hesitantly but to my surprise he nods his head eagerly.

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