Chapter 42

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I know everything happens for a reason, but sometimes I wish I knew what the reason was.
Sang's POV:
We pull into the school parking lot ten minutes after dropping the kids off. I made sure that they were settled and at no point did I see the teacher who had been hitting kids.

Now I'm preparing myself to face the rest of the group. I really hope that the day goes on as normal but I know it will be filled with awkward apologizes and my stomach clenches at the thought of it. I really want everything bad to just stop happening.

I'm tense as I open the car door. I step out and am instantly met with the sight of Kota, Nathan, North, Silas, and Victor. I carefully walk to the front of the car where they are all lined up. As soon as I make it in hands-reach of Victor he is grabbing me and I am pulled close to his chest. We don't say anything but I do smile at him and let him hug me.

Soon I am pulled away and I come face to face with Kota. Concern and anxiety is written clear over his face and I can feel a frown pulling at my lips. I shouldn't have made them feel like this. "Hey sweetheart. Are we okay?" There's  a hint of worry in his voice and it kills me. I didn't mean for this to happen. As if he was sensing where my thoughts were going he shakes his head. "It was our fault Sang. Get those thoughts out of your head. It is shown clear as day in those pretty green eyes." Kota says seriously but he laughs slightly when he hears North grunt. I nod and Kota steps away to reveal Nathan.

"Jeez peanut you have no clue what these two giants have been like. I think if North growls one more time he will turn into a grizzly bear!" Nathan says dramatically and Luke snorts from behind me. I giggle and North softens but he still looks annoyed at Nathan.

"I will not you asshole now move." North demands and Nathan doesn't seem hurt in the least. He follows Norths instructions and I am instantly surrounded by my two giants. North gently cups my face and his eyes scan every inch of me. Analyzing what I'm feeling. He must be satisfied because he nods his head and turns me to Silas. Silas does the exact same thing and I almost laugh at that. We did this all the time when we were little. Once Silas gives a satisfied nod, Gabe pipes in.

"Alright now that you are done looking at her all weird, shall we go?" Gabe asks and North tries to slap him on the head but I swat his hand away.

"You are kind of like a bear." I say so that everyone can hear. Everybody laughs and North stares straight at me. His lips lift and he smiles until a sliver of his teeth show. We are good.

We all begin making our way to the school and Kota guides me with an arm behind my back. All of the guys are surrounding me as we walk through the doors and I am not sure I have ever felt safer. The truth is I am slightly nervous for today. The guys all seem to be okay but I don't want to see McCoy.

I walk with Silas to our first period.  He sits behind me and we listen as our teacher explains the assignment for today. All we have to do is read a few chapters of our textbook and take notes. I grab my notebook from my bag and begin writing.

After five minutes I feel Silas' feet knock against mine. I ignore it the first time and move my feet forward, but he does it once again. I playfully knock my feet against his and he mimics my action instantly. I turn around and face him only to see he has a huge smirk on his face. His eyebrows are raised playfully. I roll my eyes but smile slightly, then turn back around. Silas continues to kick my feet and eventually ours end up tangled together under my chair. I make no move to change this and neither does he. We sit and do our work in comfortable silence for the rest of class, until we absolutely have to get up and leave.

I go through the next few classes and everything with the guys seems normal. It's slightly tense but I can expect that. They are all nervous and I know sometimes soon we will have to sit down and talk all about it. Not right now though.

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