Chapter 7

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Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough
Sang's POV:
I walked out of their office and was about halfway through the school when a hand shot out of a classroom and got an iron grip on my wrist. That is defiantly going to bruise later. I let go of Cameron from the unexpected grab, and then got yanked into the same classroom the mystery hand came out of.

While the hand still had a grip on my wrist I looked around to identify my attacker. The light was suddenly flickered on and I came face to face with Mr.McCoy.

Dr.Green where are you this time? Any chance you can save me? God, Sang your stupid.

I opened my mouth to scream but his free hand clamped over my mouth before I got the chance. Please let Cameron be okay.
"Be a good girl and listen Sang. I am going to take my hand off and you can't scream."
I thought about it for a second. He can easily overpower me, and Cameron is in the hallway. I don't really wan't to take any chances. I nodded and he removed his hand. "The only reason I grabbed you was to warn you." I looked at him with questioning eyes, and I guess he took this as his cue to keep going. "They can't be trusted. Understand?"

At this point I knew he defiantly was farther down on my trust list, but I didn't want to anger him more. I simply nodded my head. He let me go and pushed me out the door, where I found Cameron crying on the ground. He ran up to me and hugged me then started wiping my cheeks. It was only then I realized I had been crying. I quickly picked Cameron up and left as soon as possible. I was shaking from my encounter with he principal but I needed to get myself together for Cameron and Lily. We started walking towards the daycare, and once we arrived the lady who originally took Lily was there."Hey Sang, Lily was so good today. We absolutely love having her here!"

I beamed at this."Thank you I am glad she behaved herself. Is it okay if I drop Lily and Cameron off around 8 am tomorrow?"

"Of course, we will be here waiting."

'Thank you!"

Cameron walked beside me as I carried Lily and gave her kisses all over her face. I missed her so much and it was only about 3 hours without her. I have no clue what I am gonna do when I have to go 8 ours at a time. Pushing that scary thought out of my head, the kids and I walked home. I made them a dinner of grilled chicken, fresh veggies, and frozen fruit. It may not seem very expensive but it defiantly was.

After dinner was done, and cleaned up I got the kids upstairs for a bath. I washed Lily extra good considering all of the germs from the daycare. Tonight I decided they will both sleep with me. After everything that happened, and the amount of time I will have to go without them I want them to be close to me tonight. After their baths I got them and myself dressed in pajamas. We all cuddled and went to sleep. Of course mine was not peaceful.
Around 4am I woke up panting and wheezing. I had a nightmare about McCoy and couldn't get his touch out of my head. I went to move but suddenly felt weight on my thigh, and arm. Lily was cuddled up in my arms and Cameron was latched onto my thigh like a koala. I carefully slid Lily out of my arms and placed her comfortably on my bed. Then I peeled Cameron's fingers off one by one and slowly replaced myself with the pillow I had recently been sleeping on.

I strategically slipped out of bed and headed straight to the bathroom to start a bath. I filled the tub with hot water and soap, then slowly sunk into the tub. The water burned my skin but I paid no attention to it. I began washing myself and slowly relaxed.

I very reluctantly got out when the water had tuned cold. I got dressed for school in black leggings, and a baggy t shirt. I woke the kids up and got them ready for daycare. Today Lily matched with me, and Cameron wore shorts and an athletic shirt. I decided on the was breakfast of fruit and cereal-this time I did not cut the fruit into pieces.

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